How much do you write daily?

How much do you write daily? Topic: How to write about a piece of art
July 16, 2019 / By Bithiah
Question: I write about two thousand words every day after work. So how much do you write? (How many words per day)
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Aimey Aimey | 10 days ago
Minimum an hour a day, more often four hours. As far as how many words, it depends on how you count "words" I type at about 30 words per minute, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. But not every word set down is "gold" that can't be discarded. So, even in any given four to six hour day, I may only have a few hundred "productive" words that go toward a finished piece. There's been periods where an entire week's worth of work ends up in my "circular file." If you are talking about some "hack" that just sits at a keyboard and plugs away to produce a quantity of pages that may NEVER get published, or, even worse, someone that produces massive volumes of shoddy work in some "rag" newspaper or magazine, then any of those guys can spew out a thousand or two or thee and think him or herself a writer. But, when it comes down to it, good writing is an art. And art, like any skill takes time to create.
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Tommy Tommy
When I wrote my first novel it was pretty random for awhile like most folks. Write when and where the mood hit. (This was back in 2006). Now there is a wi fi connection on every corner and a device that fits in your hand. My second novel I worked at a pace of about a page and a half a day which normally worked to a chapter a day in no time. The theory is at a page a day with weekends off, sick days and vacation time you should still have a solid novel at the end of one year.
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Raymund Raymund
I write when I feel like it. Sometimes a 1,000 a day, sometimes none for fours days straight and then 5,000 on the next. Depends on my mood, how much time, if I can be bothered . . . I only write when I am getting enjoyment from it, otherwise there's no point in it, for me anyway.
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Mathias Mathias
I dont have a specific number. If i get an idea i may write the entire day but if nothing comes to me, i may just go over my story and revise.
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Jiphtah Jiphtah
Minimum: 1,000 words. Maximum: 15,000 words (creative spree over 12 hours.) I need to enhance my mind with 5 hour energy most of the time to get on the role though...
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