Getting a bunny: Doing research on them but.?

Getting a bunny: Doing research on them but.? Topic: Chihuahua research
June 17, 2019 / By Blanda
Question: I have two chihuahuas and am worried about possible cross contamination and veterinary costs, life span, etc with owning a bunny. Help?
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Ainslie Ainslie | 3 days ago
Hi, I have a bunny and a fairly new youtube channel if you want to check it out. It only has 2 videos pertaining to you i'll post the link below, but back to the rabbits!! When you get a bunny you will want to adopt one because it is most likely already neutered or spayed. The bunny might be a little more expensive then a pet store rabbit, but less veterinary costs. If you get a pet store rabbit it will cost more to spay and neuter it. You need it to be fixed because it will have a longer lifespan and be much more friendly, and litter box trained. You will also be saving a life!!! :) You are going to want to get as big of a cage you can afford. In it you will need a food bowl, and a water bowl. Bowls are better than bottles. Also get a hay rack.Try to get a heavy one and one that is not going to be able to be tipped over. You are going to need lots of chew toys, and maybe a hide-house. You can get a few fleeces from walmart, and a litter box or two. Some stuff you will need to keep replacing or washing like the toys and fleeces. You will need rabbit pellets without seeds in them. Give a quarter cup of pellets a day. You will need to have an unlimited amount of hay to put in your hay rack so buy in bulk from the pet shop or a local farm. You will need litter for your rabbit. Get newspaper litter or horse pellets. No clay, clumping, or cat litter. Your rabbit needs 2 cups a day of fresh veggies a day. Ask how much your rabbit is currently getting and slowly add more veggies to their diet. Your dog can't give diseases to your rabbit and vice versa so don't worry about that. Your rabbit and dogs can even become friends!! It depends on the temperament. My rabbit was terrified of dogs, but my dog was indifferent to rabbits. Rabbits can live for 8-10 years if properly taken care of. You will need to take it to the vet once a year for a check up. that probably wont cost more than 60 dollars/pounds/euros (I don't know where you live haha). Most rabbits love to be pet right in between the eyes at the top of their head!! They don't really like to be picked up, but they love to be pet. You have to gain their trust and they will then let you pick them up out of their cage, they would rather jump out themselves though if you can get one on the floor. Make sure to give them at least an hour of free romp time but make sure he doesnt chew on any wires or walls (that wont happen if he/she is fixed) HAve fun with your rabbit. Contact me with any other questions!
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Ainslie Originally Answered: Did my bunny try to commit suicide?
He was probably so used to being out of the cage that his senses went crazy after being put into an enclosed area.
Ainslie Originally Answered: Did my bunny try to commit suicide?
LOOOOOOOL. That's quite funny. You have two options: 1) Force him to get used to it by making him sleep there every night. He is used to freedom and after being confined, he is a bit scared and frantic. 2) Continue letting him wander around and keep him out of the cage. I love the name Loki. (:
Ainslie Originally Answered: Did my bunny try to commit suicide?
As weird as it is to say this your bunny probably had a bad memory or nightmare and it will probably never go back in there you should let the bunny out more and give it more attention.

Tony Tony
There aren't too many diseases that would be transferable from chihuahuas to a bunny, and vice versa. If you keep your chihuahuas vaccinated and healthy, then you have no worries in getting your bunny sick because of them. The main thing I would worry about would be either the dogs attacking the bunny or vice versa if the bunny's pretty tough (such as mine). Veterinary costs for a bunny are going to be more expensive, since most of the time they charge more for exotics, and most diseases in bunnies pop up as emergencies since they try to hide their symptoms as long as possible. Life span on average is 8-10 years, though I have known of several to last up to 15 years. I think the oldest recorded was 18 years. I HIGHLY recommend reading up about rabbits on rabbit.org for more info.
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Tony Originally Answered: How old does your bunny have to be in order to be fixed?
Six months old is the recommended age to spay a doe although 4 months is the earliest. The reason to wait a couple of months beyond the 4 months is health safety. HouseRabbitSociety has a very good article discussing spaying/neutering you might find of interest. Link follows: http://rabbit.org/faq-spaying-and-neuter... As far as how to tell if the buck rescue rabbit is neutered, they should know at the shelter. His behavior should also provide a clue, especially if he is at the stage just past sexual maturity during his teenager period as he will be on the aggressive side. Morfz is my favorite go to site for anything rabbit related. Although the site needs a serious update because not all links are active, it is definitely worth weeding through, so maybe take a look at the spay/neuter pages: http://www.morfz.com/rabrefs.html There is another rabbit resource site you might find of interest. It includes links to forums: http://www.bestrabbitsites.com/ Popeye is perfect, by the way, as a name. Definitely a good fit for a friend named Olive. I hope you get him. Although rabbits love their humans, they also love companions of the same species. Also, not that it matters, but some of my best mice were/are rescues. ADDENDUM: I just wanted to add an article that might help ease any concerns you might have about the age being an issue the other way as too old at 1 for your doe and getting spayed. One year old is fine to spay a doe. It is when a rabbit reaches middle age around 5 years old that it is considered too risky: http://www.myhouserabbit.com/tip_spayneuter.php

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