What is the total amont of cases in LA Noire?

What is the total amont of cases in LA Noire? Topic: Case subjects
July 16, 2019 / By Blessing
Question: Can someone please help clarify how many total cases there are in LA Noire including the dlcs. Some say its 21 and others say its 27 so idk. Some one clear the air for me on this subject.
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Airlea Airlea | 5 days ago
The base game has 21. I guess if there are 6 DLCs that would make it 27, but I only know of two DLCs. (I haven't checked the marketplace yet.) There are about 45 side missions that you get from dispatch though. They can be done whenever and aren't like the cases, more "tackle this guy" or "talk the jumper out of suicide".
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