Help me finish this free verse poem please??

Help me finish this free verse poem please?? Topic: Help writing a free verse poem
July 16, 2019 / By Blythe
Question: I need to write a poem. a free verse poem. but i want it to be about music. Please help me. I want it to be deep about music. THANKS
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Best Answers: Help me finish this free verse poem please??

Aiyana Aiyana | 10 days ago
I totally agree with poster silent shoes. You learn absolutely "nothing" by having others do the work. You learn when YOU DO THE WORK.
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Aiyana Originally Answered: HELP WITH WRITING A FREE VERSE POEM?
If it's free verse you just sit down and write it. Edit it later. Start by writing down your thoughts feelings and observations of what happens when you play a concert in the cafeteria. Write about the last time you did and what happened. Try to imagine it and visualize the sensations and smells. Write those thoughts down, and I bet you that while you are doing it, your poem will start forming and it may not be what you originally expected.
Aiyana Originally Answered: HELP WITH WRITING A FREE VERSE POEM?
Okie dokie... here ya go, my best five-minute effort. I tried to incorporate the verses you had in your question... as well as other stuff I imagined might have been going through your head. You might want to edit it to fit your own ideas and writing style. At the least, I hope you were able to find something in it to let you complete your poem. Good luck. Trays clatter enviously, And even the smell of old food seems muted As vibrations from our tuning crease the air Sweat beads on my face as The violins prepare to sing The melody is half audible In the space between my fear And the scraping of chairs This chaos of strings tells a story Of stumbles and nervousness And practice seems further away with My every note The light seems too bright The bow quivers in my hand But it all ceased to matter Once the violins sang.

Tranter Tranter
i'm no longer a colour, yet i'm the colors white, black, and grey. there is not any excitement, none in any respect. All i'm isn't something. i'm one that is ineffective, and with none which means . it is what i'm. ROFL it is soooo undesirable, yet u stated unfastened verse. Lol sry!
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Reece Reece
What would be accomplished or gained by having a stranger define YOUR feelings about music? Don't let others define you. Define yourself, and write your own poetry.
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