Why Do Some Dads Hate Shorts?

Why Do Some Dads Hate Shorts? Topic: Short case statement
July 16, 2019 / By Bobbi
Question: I havent wore a pair since i was at least 5 literally my mom says. My mom is all for it, but all these years hes been dissing shorts like theyre not supposed to be worn me ( doesnt care about other kids) and that shorts were innappropiate for my age..... And for a long time, i believed it. Now i am a slightly more mature 13 year old, who has no intent to walk out of the house in halter tops, heels, and booty shorts, but the kind of girl who just doesnt like wearing kapris and pants all summer long. I just would like to wear a simple, decent lenght, pair of shorts with a simple tee. Is that too much to ask?? Im thirteen, and im not even bothering with the crazy odd trends we set, I JUST WANNA WEAR AVERAGE SHORTS!!!!!!! And lets say i do buy a pair and wear them. He'll say you look nice sweetie, or something like that, and then he'll rarely want me to wear them anywhere at all. He'll turn wearing shorts into a special occasion attire or something, or just give me that dissaproving father look that makes me want to please him, and put on pants. OR worse, im the kind of girl who spends her times and summer vaccation in the house 24/7 because i cant go out when my parents are at work. I cant go out when theyre here either, because they say its dangerous. So basically, we can only go out as a fam. I guess id be okay with that if they actually took me out. But i know if i start wearing shorts out my dad will get mad, say im trying to be fast, and make me change. Then he'll b ashamed of me or something he doesnt want me to grow up at all he says im a very good, smart, mature, responsible girl, which i am. But he doesnt want me to look like it. Im not trying to look cute or fast or older. I just wanna wear shorts. Whats a girl to do???? PS_ mom is fine with it she pushes me to wear shorts while im still young, fun and skinny. in case ur wondering, i dont have a huge rear, im think, and i dont have anything embarassing that he may not want people to see and have my confidence crushed. Average chick legs...... :/
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Alana Alana | 1 day ago
Well he's just being the average overprotective father you know. Also, you have to admit that as soon as a girl starts wearing shorts, that's where the provocativeness begins. Your father reminds me of a lot of other fathers I know. Also since you're 13 or about to be 13 that's when you begin to "change" you know, wanting to wear shorts will very soon be of the very least problems that you will have. So maybe just explain to him that you're not trying to make a fashion statement but that you want to wear appropriate shorts for yourself and yourself only. Still, I highly admire your modesty, you father should be very proud that you have not conformed to way girls dress today in our society:)
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Travers Travers
prabably just thinkthat know your wearing "shorter" things your going to do it more often and maybe he is just 'too protective' and think if you wear it boys will be staring at you and he prabably thinks of you as his little girl and thinks if you grow up too fast he'll think you dont want to be his little girl anymore.
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Reed Reed
You should just wear them if your hit then just wear them my dad dosnt like me to wear shorts but i still do they arnt bioty short but its ok to weqr them 100 if teens are qeqring shorts bwcause its hit and theirs nothing wrong with it ignor your dad and just weqr them and if he says any thing just tell him its hot and its nit like they are boity shirt with your *** hanging out u just want to wear them because uts hot expescially because its hot outside
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First of all getting someone to clean your house once a week costs money, money you obviously don't have. Secondly you can't hire a babysitter so you can work or do your own things cause that too cost money. So those answers aren't gonna work for you. I am kinnda in the same boat, but on the other side of the pond. I work and my BF stays home and is the homemaker. I will tell you what, when I get done at work and come home after being gone for 13 hours all I wanna do is put my feet up and relax. And my BF does that for me, i have a hot cooked meal ready when I get home and my son is feed and healthy. But on the weekends I'm cleaning the house, taking my son on adventures, doing shopping and bill paying along with laundry and spending some quality time with my BF. Your hubby obviously thinks his day stops when he walks through that door. You need to set him straight or things are just going to get worse. Sit him down and say "Look I am feeling like I have lost my sense of self, I don't know who I am anymore and I need to have you help me with this." If he is a good husband he will ask you what he can do to help...when he asks this have a list of only a few things he could help you do. Spell it out for him so there won't be any miscommunication. For example you can start by assigning him one thing that he is in charge of whether it be bathing your daughter, doing the dishes or what ever you need him to help with. Also let him know that on the weekends it's not just his time off, he's got his time off away from the home during the week, now he needs to be a dad and husband. that's a job that doesn't have time off built into it. On Saturdays, or whenever he has the day off schedule yourself some time to take a long bath, or read a book, or surf the web with out interuptions. take off and go for a nice walk or do some window shopping. It is important that you take the time to find out who you are besides being a mother and wife. You aren't wrong to want more, but wanting it is not enough obviously. You need to make some demands of your husband, he is basically demanding of you to care for the house the kid, the bills, the yardwork etc. so you need to follow suite and demand things from him. I don't mean demand as in order him around in a bad tone. But don't give him the option of saying no, this is his life too, his daughter, his wife, his home, his yard, and yet you seem to be the only one stuck with the s*it jobs. That's not a fair thing to ask from you. Now defend yourself and your right to be something other than a wife and mother and make him start helping you.

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