What does "cutting food stamps" mean?

What does "cutting food stamps" mean? Topic: Case systems mi
July 21, 2019 / By Bobbie
Question: It is not a phenomena I am aware of in Australia. "Stamps" here refer to postage, stamp duty or an inked stamp mark like what you have in your passport.
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Alanis Alanis | 2 days ago
In normal every day lingo........it simple means cuts to the Food stamps program. As in the Gov't cuts funding, to what many believe is a corrupt and over abused system...........which is both exaggerated AND also somewhat true at the same time. People who find themselves suddenly unemployed, or medically disabled and unable to work, or mothers of children whose husbands have run off, leaving them high and dry with no support........... or even the elderly, living on meager means, can apply for, and possibly get, "Food Stamps". Which, by the way, are not actually "stamps".....like postage stamps, but rather a coupon booklet with vouchers of various denominations , $5 , $10, $20 and so on, which are as good as MONEY, in any supermarket. They are INTENDED to be used by low income people, or those who find themselves in a TEMPORARY Emergency situation, and are meant to be a helping hand, until you get back on your feet. Buttttttttt, as with any ungangly , unwieldly, large oversized Gov't program.......that's understaffed............the "system" is rife with ABUSE, and little oversight........and when there's $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Involved..........you can be sure the trolls and con artists will learn every last in & out of the system, to milk it for all it's Worth. There have been untold cases of people living in mansions and driving BMW's, and somehow getting Food stamps.....by using phony addresses and sob stories. Just as Medicaid and Medicare is most often ripped off not by the low income people....but by rich doctors living in luxury, filing hundreds if not thousands of phony claims, to be "reimbursed". Many are caught and sent to jail.....but many , many, are not......because you need STAFF and oversight to manage all these claims........and often the staff just isn't there to handle the workload......and the con artists KNOW this. Their scams might go on for YEARS before being caught.........or NEVER being caught......and free money, is free money. and then there is the other abuse of the program.......by people who qualify for them, but then mis-use them........ in Street lingo........"cutting" the food stamps, means to SELL them, for less then their face value for cash. (You cut their value, in Exchange for cash) So let's say, I get $100 a month.....and on the day I pick up my monthly allotment......I hang around outside the check cashing place........ and someone in a Lexus drives up and offers me $80 CASH.....for my $100 in food stamps. many people TAKE that deal.......because you cannot buy, BOOZE, Cigarettes or DRUGS with food stamps. So, they take the "cut" value.....to buy drugs or booze instead.........instead of FOOD. Some unscrupulous Liquor stores, will actually take the food stamps, but only at half value, let's say. So they sell you $50 of booze, for your $100 of food stamps. They make $50 on the deal. Totally illegal.........but hey, who's watching. ? and then the store owner, goes and buys $100 Worth of food. the addicts and alcoholics don't care................they want what they want. Likewise in the supermarkets.....they are NOT suppose to be taken for NON -essential items..........but again, do the harried and hassled cashiers give a crap? If the bill comes to $100........they're not gonna stand there, and go back thru 50 items and point out which items *can't* be bought with the food stamps........they don't have the time for that, with a line of customers..........so they just take the food stamps, and you can buy whatever the hell you want...............and many will try to slip a bottle of booze or a case of beer in there. the program is a godsend for those that TRULY need it........but, there is no arguing, that the program is widely abused by many, on all sides.
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Alanis Originally Answered: Food stamps/ EBT?
food stamps is like cash but it comes on an EBT card which looks like a credit card.. You swipe the card and it takes off the exact amount to the penny.. WIth food stamps you do not pay taxes on the purchase. You can only buy food items with it. You cannot buy cooked foods like foods from mcdonalds or foods from the deli at the store unless it has "food stampable" stamped on top.. No toilet paper, no toothpaster.. JUST FOOD, baby formula, etc. FS auto posts to your card on the same day every month.. You need to go to the local Dept of Human Serv. and pick up an application, fill it out and turn it in..you will have an interview and they will tell you what they need you to provide ie) rent rec. utility rec, income, etc) DO NOT MISS THE MEETING.. they will then send you a letter telling you how much you get in stamps.. then you will get the EBT card. Allow at least 30 days for processing the application before you get your stamps. ANy ?s feel free to write me and ask

Travis Travis
The term "food stamps" refers to a program that provides funding for food to low income people. Years ago, people received actual stamps, or coupons, that they could take to the store and use in place of cash. That system was phased out some time ago and replaced by an EBT (electronic benefits transfer) card--similar to a debit card. The person's benefit allotment is loaded onto the card and they can draw on it as needed. The actual name of the program now is SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program), but many people still refer to it as the food stamp program. When you hear about "cutting food stamps", it means cutting the funding for the program, not cutting the actual item. It's a popular theme in election years--there's always some politician trying to suck up to middle class voters by convincing them that they are paying for hordes of lazy, undeserving people who are abusing the system and getting away with it. They never actually do anything about it, but it's always easier to say you're going to balance the budget by cutting waste in entitlement programs, than it is to simply tell voters that if they want their roads fixed, they're going to have to pay more taxes.
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Rees Rees
food stamps are coupons that are printed by the government and then given to people to assist them in making food purchases. cutting food stamps means coming up with a better way (and a less expensive way) to give people help in having needed help to get food items.
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Maximilian Maximilian
Food stamps is an entitlement/welfare program funded by states and federal government to give low income and unemployed assistance with food. "Cut food stamps" implies they are being taken away. The stamps used to be on what looked like paper money or tickets but could only be used for food in grocery stores. In the modern era though it's still referred to as "food stamps" but now most commonly is on a card issued by the state on a card similar to what a credit card looks like, which can also be only used for food. There's also another program called WIC, which has specific foods that can be purchased with it (things like milk, peanut butter, eggs, cheese, etc) for households with small children. The food stamp system is very flawed, it's all based on total household size and income. It's not unusual for one household to get $10 a month and another $1200 a month for food. It's not uncommon for welfare fraud in food stamps, some sell their food stamps for other things, some return the items they buy for cash (there is no cash assistance with food stamps). I've never been on welfare but honestly, I don't care if people are on food stamps since the majority are usually disabled, very low income and the working class poor with children. Working class poor is they work full-time but generally have a minimum wage job that doesn't make ends meet. There's been a proposal to change the programs from receiving the money to buy the items and replace it with boxes of actual food. The food was canned & boxed foods. A lot of people complain people on welfare buy junk food, but well canned and boxed foods ARE junk food, they're processed foods and not healthy. This new plan didn't seem to have much to say about how they would acquire fresh fruits, vegetables or things like meat and fish. Some people on food assistance, don't have access to big grocery stores where they can get better health options, they buy what is available.
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Joe Joe
lol American government provides food tickets you can use in place of money to purchase food. ONLY food. That's why it's called a food stamp. It's for those on welfare. And those on welfare are usually those who live in low income households. "cutting food stamps" means the person you spoke to, is getting their food supply currency cut off.
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Joe Originally Answered: Food stamps?
If you are living with your girlfriend why are you paying your dad rent? You both need to suck it up and take any job you can find. Fast food places hire every day. Times are tuff, I know that, but I doubt you can get food stamps unless you have a child. And please don't have one just to get governmental assistance.

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