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July 19, 2019 / By Bonnie
Question: ok i am new on this stuff...so how can i download music on my psp and ipod nano....plz help..becuz i dont know..and everytime i try to make an account it says i have too give mycredit card why?
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Alannis Alannis | 5 days ago
Okay, i see what you are going through, yes you need a credit card if you want to purchase music, and to redeem gift cards which you can buy at your local grocery store, apple retair store, etc. What you need to do is, if you are a child or teenager, or just dont have a credi card at all, have a parent lend you their credit card to use, but not to purchase music. Once your account is all set up, at the top right hand corner there should be a box with your email adress on it, click that and then if you have to put in your password, once you have done that a page will apear with all the account infomation on the right side with all of the icons click "Edit Payment Infomation" You can change your account wit the credit card, to none, right next to the list of icons, once you have done that the credit card should be taken off of itunes right away or in the 24 hours after that. After you have done that go to itunes home page, which there is an icon that looks like a house, click that and when you get there go to the right side and the box right underneat that that has the icons that say for example: Browse, Power Search, Account, Buy Itunes Gift Certifricate, etc. Click Reedem. (By the way you need to have a gift card which can be purchased at http://www.apple.com/ or your local grocery store or apple store. Sorry i forgot to write ahead of times .. opps!) Anyways on the back of the card that you shoul dhave, there should be a box that you need to scratch off with a penny to see the 16 digit code, sometimes you need to check the s's cause they could be 8 or the d's could be 0 they are all capitalized letter or numbers. Then insert the code and click reedem. Once you have finished that go to the itunes home page and right next to were your email adress should be at the top of the right hand corder should be the amount you had purchased the card for, such as 15$,25$,50$, etc. then after that You can download stuff for enjoyment. You can purchase the songs for only 99 cents You can purchase Videos for only 1.99 You can purchase Movies from 9.99-14.99 You can purchase games for only 4.99-6.99 Hope i helped with that. Okay for the ipod, when you want to put your songs and stuff onton your ipod, you need to plug in your ipod with the cord, and it should auto maticaly import the soongs, once that has been done, you need to pull out the cord and unplug it from your ipod. HOPE I HELPED Oh before i foget for the PSP thing, I dont know if the songs you get on your itunes account can be playable for your PSp, but you have to tyr it or search about it, But i know for videos on your PSp you can go to http://www.video.google.com/ and you can get videos to download there for free!!! Good Luck Have a good day!
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Trev Trev
Umm cos ain't nothin' free sweetheart, no matter how much they sell you that line. Here's the big thing about sites and credit card info. They are hoping you sign up for whatever it is you want. They will call this a TRIAL period. You get whatever they give you for 7,10, however many days. They are really hoping you will A) Like it so much that you're willing to pay for it monthly (they make more on monthly scripts, rather than quarterly or yearly) OR B) Forget you even signed up for it so they can pound you with that monthly fee until you come back and cancel. Trust me, many people forget what they sign up for until after they see the charges on their credit card bills. By then, you're likely in for two such charges because when that bill arrived, your 2nd month had already started a few/several days before.
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Reggie Reggie
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Mayson Mayson
In order to buy music you have to verify that your credit card is useable. They won't let you just download music they want to make sure the card is valid. Don't worry they use a transaction of a dollar and then when it goes to go through they stop it and the dollar is given back.
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