I have a few legal questions about getting an old car out of the woods?

I have a few legal questions about getting an old car out of the woods? Topic: Case s tractors
July 19, 2019 / By Bonny
Question: I found a 1949 chevy coup in on my property in the woods. The way it's in there I can't pull it out without going on my neighbors property and removing his fence. Normally I could cut down some trees and pull it out but do to geographical reasons this is not enough. So this is how everything is there is a drop off about 10 feet from the car, about a nother 10 feet from the car walking along the dropoff is the property line, then if you go about 25 yards to the other side of the car opposite the property line you get to a trail on my property but you can't even drive the tractor onto the trail hear or in this case off of it. If you do the front of the tractor gets stuck in the ground because of a 3 foot slope strait up. The way the trail is it actualy forms a triangle around the car and there is no way to get the tractor up the slope at any spot. My neighbor will understandably not let me take the fence down to get the car out because of some cows he has. So my questions are can I do anything legally so that I can temporarily have the old road that is on my property back so that the fence is moved to his side of it instead of the middle of it. My other question is about the road as it has not been registered as a road at all but was oppen so that you could get to a house that at one time was a separate piece of property from mine. PS if your wondering why a fence is in the middle of the road on my property and I never did anything about it was actualy because at the time I did not know the road belonged to me. Also sorry about the length of this I just wanted to be sure to get the details needed to explain my situation.
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Alberta Alberta | 6 days ago
almost all of this is irrelevant, if the owner of the fence will not allow it to be taken down there is NOTHING you can do about it.. if the fence is on YOUR property then you can do anything you want to it... so if the fence is on your property remove it, if it is not then you will have to find another way to get the old car out of the woods without trespassing on someone else's property.....
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