Usage of the word "empathetic"?

Usage of the word "empathetic"? Topic: Empathesis
July 16, 2019 / By Braidy
Question: Do we write/say: "empathetic with" someone? OR "empathetic to" someone? I don't want to use "empathize"
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Albina Albina | 8 days ago
I believe either usage is correct. For example, Obama is empathetic with special interest lobbyists; he is also empathetic to the efforts of militant unions to forcibly increase their membership.
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Albina Originally Answered: How can i be less empathetic?
Perhaps you should think about not hanging out with her. She isn't a very good friend if all she does is belittle you.
Albina Originally Answered: How can i be less empathetic?
if you don't stand up for yourself, you will make yourself sick, venting your feelings is a normal function that has to be used or the body will find ways to vent itself like anxiety, panic attacks and so on, besides a true friend would never do hurtful things to another friend, so next time your confronted with negative hurtful words, vent yourself and after wards say I am just protecting my mental health
Albina Originally Answered: How can i be less empathetic?
I had a friend like her, told her I couldn't be around someone like that. You don't want to be less empathetic, just be able to stand up for yourself, tell people it's not funny.

Trey Trey
You say empathetic with someone. An empath is someone who feels or senses someones pain and emotions. On the star wars show there was a woman character who was the ships empath. She helped people because of her abilities to feel what another being was feeling.
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Trey Originally Answered: Am I too empathetic as a person?
For one, an insane person wouldn't question their sanity. Two, one of the most intelligent people in history said this; A question that drives me hazy; am I or are the others crazy? - Albert Einstein Serial killers don't FEEL pain in a sense, that's what makes them psychopaths/sociopaths. There are those however that had an extremely troubling childhood or had traumatic experiences with other people that led to their "killing sprees". So I get where you're coming from there. What kind of person are you... I want you to think about this. YOU are YOUR brain. Your brain creates what we call the ego, or your personality. Your personality is usually formed through your past experiences, and also when someone who is important in your life has an opinion about you, you usually take that opinion to heart. So lets say, if your dad calls you stupid all the time, over time you may actually come to believe you are stupid, even if you have a highly functioning mind. What I mean is you can be whoever you want, you choose that. What makes you feel good? What are you passionate about? To me, you sound like you want to help people. Enlist in the Military, become a doctor, start helping people, do some local community service. And more than anything, quit dwelling. The more you dwell on some things that simply can't be explained (the full nature of the human mind) the crazier you think you go. Trust me, I know. I've been there. When you're young, and you're extremely intelligent, far more so than those around you, the world comes across as an extremely dark place without any guidance. Human beings *need* a bit of guidance here and there, they need a little bit of structure, or its so easy to "float away" if you get what I mean. Anxiety in social situations can be a warning that you have some sort of underlying issue though too. But most of the time, through perseverance and understanding the world around you, you can overcome these issues without medication. Like I did, with raw intelligence. As for narcissism, remember, you are the master of your mind, because you are your mind. You IS your mind. So simply quit being narcissistic. Not that it's really that easy. It's only easy in hindsight. Good luck my friend. Feel free to email me if you'd like to talk more.
Trey Originally Answered: Am I too empathetic as a person?
There is nothing wrong with empathy. I think, however, that there may be some kind of disorder that can cause too much empathy. I'm not sure though.

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