Why do some people intentionally misspell words?

Why do some people intentionally misspell words? Topic: In formal writing abbreviations
June 17, 2019 / By Brande
Question: Like instead typing "Sometimes" they write "Sumtimes". Instead of "cool" they write "kewl" there are so many
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Alea Alea | 9 days ago
They don't want to seem uptight. They want to come across as relaxed and careless. In reality, they are making themselves seem sloppy and incompetent, as well as unsophisticated. Personally, I think there is a very slim time and place when this is ok. On a forum, it just makes things complicated and confusing. In email, I would definitely limit it to abbreviations. On instant messenger, I still think it's unnecessary but it's ok to do it a little bit, just to keep from sounding too formal. I'm not saying I take offense, but it really does give off the wrong impression a lot of the time. Sometimes I just skip over answers written in that jargon--to hard to read, and often not containing very mature content. I know I may sound mean or strict, but I just don't see the point in spelling things wrong when everyone would rather see it spelled right.
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Tristen Tristen
Only when I'm twisting lettering for it to seem like a typo but actually make what I'm saying carry heavy subtext by making it a word with a different definition like "lightening" instead of "lightning"
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Reid Reid
I try hard not to but I have dyslexic and adhd some word look the same to me and one letter off and I swear word I did not c find out till some one said something but this is from a car accident
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Medad Medad
becuz itz tha KEWL thang too dew. Yeah I could go on forever too. Hopefully you knew that first line was just a joke. I can't stand it either.
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Johnie Johnie
its to change things up cuz using the same words are boring...and its to type faster....just to be a bit more creative
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Gyles Gyles
I don't know but they don't fly in the workplace with emails so hopefully they just do it in these types of forums.
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Dylan Dylan
just slang and text writing really i used to do it quite alot but now ive just gone back o writing properly, i think its better
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