I want to do more or less 80% of careers out there, how do i narrow it down?

I want to do more or less 80% of careers out there, how do i narrow it down? Topic: How to prepare good business plan
July 21, 2019 / By Brandi
Question: i love art- i could see myself as an interior designer, or just an artist. i love science- physics, chemistry, biology i love maths! i love textiles and design i love languages i love and am interested in Business and law i could see myself working with animals, or in a hospital, or even in the army, or even in a Laboratory. I am interested in florist, and hairdressing. < but i could not take these courses as well as a-levels. i even asked the college could i do 6 a-levels because i just wanted to do everything! seriously, how do i narrow my choices down, when i just want to try everything? i definetly do not want a career with kids :| i've done all the tests, about 20 careers came up, non of which i would consider.
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Alease Alease | 10 days ago
Whoa. Same situation here. I'm very strong in these subjects>> business studies, physics, chem, bio, maths, additional maths, english language, english lit, art, music, french which is basically everything with the exception of ICT. No joke. So the way I think is, what will *guarantee* me a good career? artist-- no. too risky/unstable musician- ditto ^^ language-ish person--- i don;t want to spend my entire life translating crap, sorry. chances of high pay are small too. mathematician-- seriously, maths combined with other subjects--yes, makes sense-- becoming a plain mathematician, is pretty much useless. business studies-- yes, is very useful, esp if you'd like a higher ranking position at work. english--- i don't plan to be a journalist or a writer. i believe if you're gonna do something this risky and competitive, you should be COMPLETELY sure that your gonna be the absolute BEST and ground-breaking and awesome, cause if your just one amongst the little fish, you're not going to get anywhere. again--unstable pay/risky/competitve and that leaves physics, chem, bio. ---Ah. a phy+chem+maths combination will get you into the engineering side of things. LOADS of scope, and according to a counsellor i recently talked to, in a couple of years time, there will be huge demand for engineers. sooo many branches to pick from though. that, you can do, when you decide whether your better at the ICT side of things, chem, or physics. ---a Chem+bio+maths combination will prepare you for genetics stuff, as well as pharmaceuticals (which is a branch which is doing REALLY well in the world). this could also work for doctors. you shouldnt just be looking at what you are good at, and what you like. also consider what pays well, stability, and whether, 7 years or so into the job, you'll still be finding it interesting. xDD
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Alease Originally Answered: How do you narrow down colleges?
If you have your SAT or ACT score, and some idea of a major, run a search on one of the free online college matchmaker services and get a list of schools that are likely to admit you. I use collegeboard.com daily. A lot of my students really liked cappex.com There are others - but a lot are fronts for the schools that pay them, not far all schools. So choose them with care. I would advise you to definitely look at your state's colleges -even across the state from your home. Keep those costs down. A new job and a bucketload of debt makes for near-poverty even if you are making a decent salary.

Tristin Tristin
Due to you typing a lot, I'm going to eliminate the idea that you are a troll because no troll put that's much time and effort into a question. If you want my opinion I'll give it to you. No, I don't think it's wrong and I think you're a respectable and kind individual. People forget that at 16/17 you actually are extremely mature for your age and know what you want. If she didn't want to be with you, she wouldn't choose to be as far as I see it. Age is an intresting thing, but if we change the goal posts around a little bit.. If she was 20 and you were 30, would people have the same opinions? No they wouldn't and to be honest not a lot changes between 17-20, well that was the case for me at least. I respect you for being brave enough to do something like this, and treating a girl so well. We need more men in the world like you, and due to your past experience of being with older women it's clear you're not just after a young woman (She's no longer a minor anymore people, get with it). If you love her, and she loves you. What the hell does age have to do with anything? People argue that "She was playing with barbies 5 years ago" when really, that's irrelevant. Age means nothing in terms of love.
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Reilly Reilly
I would suggest seeing an employment counsellor. They will give you an aptitude test, find out your interests, figure out what your good at and then add all this information into the careers data bank. A list of careers will be printed off and then you will have to put those careers into order of what you would like to do the most to what you would least like to do. From there it will be narrowed down again into the top 10 - 15 and then you will research what qualifications would be needed to be in each career. Then you will choose which you feel would be a perfect fit for you... Best of luck to you.
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Meed Meed
top to botom left to rite put thm on a scale the things u enjoy sholud be first and the the things u least expect on the bottom
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Johnnie Johnnie
a braod category would be buisness. i would def suggest taking managment because if you want to own your own buisness or somthin, you have the tools to do so.
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Habakkuk Habakkuk
Just have some frat boy knock you up. You sound like you'll be great helping the kids with their homework projects.
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Habakkuk Originally Answered: Looking for help to narrow down my major and career?
At some point are you planning to get a real degree that will lead to a career? Sorry to let you know this, but it's impossible to have 84 transferable units to any CSU from a community college. The max is 70 units. I suggest that you transfer to a CSU to get a useful degree with a tangible and specific career objective, unless you plan to pursue your career as a professional student. International business is probably the most relevant major that could lead to a career.

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