Why did the Book Of Eli get such bad reviews?

Why did the Book Of Eli get such bad reviews? Topic: How to write a review of a film
July 21, 2019 / By Breann
Question: I just saw this movie, and I thought it was phenomenal. Then I got on rottentomatoes and a couple other sites and saw that they all gave it an atrociously bad rating. I thought it was very well-done. The action scenes were unique and perfect, the visuals were breathtaking, the plot was original (though I guess a bit could be desired), not to mention the brilliant acting even though the script was a bit bland. I would give it a 3.5-4/5. And yet it got a "rotten" rating? Is it just because it has a Christian message? Cause that's not a legitimate reason to rate a movie badly. I'm not even Christian and I find the fact that a lot of the reviewers were complaining about the message of the film was a bit of an unfair judgement. Startribune was especially harsh on this movie, saying: "The film comes complete with a last-minute surprise ending so arbitrary and bizarre it caused a member of the preview audience to drop his head into his hands and groan out loud. That member was me." What's so bad about the surprise ending?! If anything, I thought that [spoiler alert] the twist where the book was written in braille was a nice touch, considering that Eli was blind. If it had a different ending, it would have been mind-numbingly predictable. It wasn't "groan-worthy." What made this film so terrible?! I don't understand.
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Alesha Alesha | 4 days ago
The plot was not that original everyone knew if the book was going to be revealed it was going to be a bible or some sort of religion. In truth to really keep person guessing what it was, was to never let us know. What work could have been so important that it was worth dying/killing over. Acting was good for most part but mila kunis could not take her serious at all. The blind thing was a little dumb unrealistic, how easily it would to have taken him out from distance without making a sound, which seem very probably in that world. The end was dumb when she just takes his stuff and goes, at least with eli you could pretend he was great with guns/knife fighting and other stuff because of experience and past. Her on other hand almost got rapped and tricked early on realistically probably would just end up dead after leaving that place. It was an entertaining movie but nothing to memorable or special.
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Truman Truman
There are way too many things wrong with that movie to list. So I'll only name a few. Spoilers ahead. The blindness was obvious from the first scene and absolutely ridiculous. Bible written in braille would take up a whole shelf. Carrying the bible giving superhero powers? I mean in one scene the bullets literally bounced off of him. The notion that he has the one and only bible left on Earth is utterly ridiculous. I mean it's not like it's the most printed book in the world...oh, wait... Not to mention all of the electronic versions. Even IF it was, there are enough people in world who have it memorized. I guess it's slightly entertaining, but once you think about it for even a minute it immediately falls apart and you can't help but wonder "wtf did I just watch?" If you enjoyed it, more power to you. But there is a reason it got universally bad ratings. It's a 5/10 movie, 6 at VERY most. And most of those points are for the visuals and acting. Though honestly it's a shame seeing such great actors wasted on such a crappy production.
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Rex Rex
only hypothesis on my area, even with the undeniable fact that it probable have been given a bad overview as a results of dissimilar people questioning it particularly is preachy non secular action picture thinly veiled as an action action picture. i'm agnostic, and that i in my opinion love the action picture, yet some people seem to seek for motives to be indignant somewhat than only savour something that provides a marginally distinctive view than one's very own. i think of Solara become going to get her mom. After her experience, she discovered plenty from Eli and had plenty much less to be petrified of.
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Melville Melville
The reviews weren't all that bad, and the film wasn't all that good. None of the answerers so far could have told you anything about the flick without watching it first, so using hindsight to say "I knew that" is kinda idiotic. Critics are critics because they can't create for themselves. They can only be critical of other's work.
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Jolyon Jolyon
It beats me, im not Christian either and thought it was great. Hope somebody answers this question cause i myself would like to know also!
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