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July 16, 2019 / By Breanne
Question: I want to know that is it just my fear, or does this happen with everyone? While giving examinations since schoool time, I sometimes developed bad stomach which made that particular exam a problem, now the same situation happens with me each time afterwards but intesified, I develop bad stomach only, or rather especially, during exams. I get over-consciouus w.r.t. the person sitting next to me, since it is very embarrasing to me. So what happens is that whenever I'm amidst an exam,, I get very nervous, resulting in bloating, which ultimately results in a bad stomach. To avoid embarrasment, I have started leaving the examination hall in 2 hours if it is of 3 hours and in half an hour if it is of 1 hour. Now since their is silence during examination, due to gradual intensification, I have started feeling the same thing even when there is silence when I am sitting anywhere. This has caused me to avoid sitting anywhere with the people I know in quiet places, and I prefer sitting away from them. But this is not the case with strangers, since I don't know them. In psychological terms, they are objects to me rather than persons. I don't feel these things when I am very excited, ie, when the adrenaline in me is high, since it removes my focus from thinking about this situation or when I am with someone I know very well, like my family or my girlfriend, since / I am very easy with themm. But then its not fully because of the fear, sometimes again the bad stomach does hapen, so even though sometimes it does happen actually, most of the times, it is induced by my fear and the nervousness caused by it. I really relly really want to eradicate this fear since it is making my life a hell, I start fearing my exams, days before they come, and on the exam day, I leave before the full time. 3 years back, this problem was very small, that I rarely felt it. I sat through my 3 hour exams easily concentrating on the question paper. Till 2 years back, it increased a bit. But I sat on the last bench, so even though the concentration decreased, it wasn't too bad, since no one was behind me. 1.5 years ago, it increased more with further decrease in the examination concentration, but it was fine, since this time I sat in the corner of the exam roon, with no one in front of me too, so I was very less surrounded. Half an year back, it increased a lot more. And this time I sat in the middle, surrounded heavily. The fear of embarrasment was so high, especially with a girl sitting behind, that I just wanted to leave the hall as soon as I could, so I wrote in the worst writing to be as fast as I could, and the briefest possible. I would not waste any opportunity to step out of the examination hall, for say goinf to the restroom, or blaming some illness in me. The result was, since I left exams in half the duration, that I flunked in one of my exams for the first time in my life, in which I used to top my class in the cycle tests! This is because I know the people sitting around me. I also sit for competitions, where I don't know the people around me. So they are objects to me, instead of persons. Therefore , I don't face any such problem there. Even when there are competitions in my college where I know people around me, and if I sit, say 2 seats, away from everyone, I don't face this problem again, or if I do, it's quite near the end of the duration. I sit away from my friends due to this. Since I am afraid of embarassment too. I maybe am afraid of this embarassment I have an embarassing past, where people used to ridicule me, before I changed my way of thinking, my psychology, my outlook and gained superiority and turned the tables by self-help books, will to chnge, introspection etc etc to the point that I now ridicule others.
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Alethea Alethea | 6 days ago
Your digestive tract may be infested with H. Pylori. A simple course of antibiotics will correct this.
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Alethea Originally Answered: To Medical people: Have you Ever Seen Someone Misdiagnosed With a Psychological Problem, When In Fact the -?
I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder when after 5 YEARS, with the help of a doctor friend, my symptoms were found to be an h. pylori infection. I was given a one week dose of a few different antibiotics and I was perfectly fine. BUT, for 5 YEARS I believed I had anxiety. My initial presenting symptomology was: gnawing stomach pain, vomiting, and constant nausea (when I wasn't throwing up). I lost weight, ripped my esophagus a lot, visited the hospital many times for injectable anti-emetics, my tongue was worn away by the vomiting, I *became* hopeless and anxious as a result of having to function feeling this way--very difficult to be able to *think* and *concentrate* while this ill all the time, to go to class, do scholastic presentations and find excuses, in these and all other situations, to leave and vomit. I thought this was going to be my reality, forever. In addition to these examples of additional physical and psychological effects that arose as a result of this "mistake", being continually nauseous for this long, impacted EVERYTHING from my social relationships to my financial situation. I wasted time and money on hopping from doctor-to-doctor, hoping someone would *listen*, on scripts that did not work (for the supposed "anxiety" and other misdiagnoses) with significant side effects (e.g., seizures, peripheral neuropathy), that were not needed; also, much time and money on school tuition that was needed to prolong things while ill. I also developed a reputation at the school, among doctors, even with friends and family as a "whiner". My doctor's deemed me in "denial" of a psychological disorder. Worst part of all this was how this type of diagnosis halted any investigation into any real physical problem, how it coloured everything, and STILL does everytime I see a doctor who is privy to this misdiagnosis, no matter how much time has elapsed. It feels like doctors are still looking for evidence to make what was a misdiagnosis into a correct diagnosis. In addition, even when it was blaring obvious, after the administration of antibiotics, that a mistake was made in diagnosis, there was no admission of a "mistake". It was covered up and justified as what was needed to make a correct diagnosis, which they certainly can NOT take credit for, anyhow. Hope this helps :-) EDIT: I'm definitely not holding my breathe. Far from it. Diagnosis="Anxiety" is already written in stone, you see. Erasers don't work on stone :-) :-). Too many ramifications for THEM (like it was EVER about them) associated with admitting a "mistake". Plus, too much time and energy already gone into justifications. EDIT 2: Yup, another consequence of a psychological diagnosis. I was diagnosed by answering "yes" to a few general questions, most to do with nausea, what I felt like trying to function while nauseous, and how long this had gone on. Then, basically, I was sent on my mary-way with Paxil. No standardized testing, no psychologist, no "counselling" offered. After this, no other doctors asked questions. The initial "diagnosis" (<==notice the sarcastic quotes) was accepted as "sacred", as the truth, as something that explained everything....
Alethea Originally Answered: To Medical people: Have you Ever Seen Someone Misdiagnosed With a Psychological Problem, When In Fact the -?
I don't know anybody who hasn't seen bizarre behavior caused by hypoglycemia. Many of the police are even sensitive to that diagnosis these days. Hyperthyroidism, chronic subdural hematoma, normal-pressure hydrocephalus, the list goes on: if you're in the business a while, you WILL be burned by one on occasion. It's always important to keep in mind that the greatest barrier to a diagnosis is a previous diagnosis. A more interesting question is whether there's a real dichotomy between the two. It's really an artificial construct more than reality. Into which category do you put people with psychologic disorders due to chronic substance abuse? That tends to be a chicken-or-egg question, and there are many others that fall into that murky ground.

Tucker Tucker
Yes, must be just fear. I had the same problem when I was young. I'm 71 now. Getting nervous made me get sick to my stomach and/or light headed. I would get that way at work too since the pressure was so strong there.
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Rhett Rhett
Brian Wilson one in each and every of my own heroes, and between the excuses as nicely his God-like expertise grow to be his skill to conquer his subject concerns and to proceed to make song to this very day. additionally evaluate the case of Roky Erickson In 1968, on an identical time as doing a stint at Hemisfair, Erickson all started talking nonsense. He grow to be clinically determined with paranoid schizophrenia and sent to a Houston psychiatric wellness midsection, the place he involuntarily gained electroconvulsive scientific care. The Elevators have been vocal proponents of mescaline (peyote), LSD, and marijuana use, and have been problem to larger interest from police. In 1969, Erickson grow to be arrested for possession of one marijuana joint in Austin. dealing with a 10-3 hundred and sixty 5 days penal complex term, Erickson pled no longer responsible by utilising reason of insanity. He grow to be first sent to the Austin State wellness midsection. After a number of escapes, he grow to be sent to the Rusk State wellness midsection for the Criminally Insane, the place he grow to be subjected to extra electroconvulsive scientific care and Thorazine treatments, finally final in custody till 1972
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Rhett Originally Answered: What is wrong with me and should I get psychological help?
it's not just you that feels that way! most of us feel that to get on a motorcycle is a death wish. my mom had a friend in college who got their leg ripped off by a car when they were on a motorcycle. i'd never get on one. my dad has seen a lot of accidents involving them on his job also. you SHOULD have been more sensitive to the fact that two people that she loved died. don't beat yourself up about it though, because everyone makes mistakes and our brain doesn't always turn on before our mouth does.

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