How much solution to put in contact case?

How much solution to put in contact case? Topic: Case sound solutions
July 19, 2019 / By Breda
Question: I'm pretty new to contacts. And recently I've lost two contacts because they have gotten a small rip in the side. I talked with my eye doctor and she said it was probably because I've been putting to much solution in the case, so when I put on the lid it chips the contact. About how much should I put in it then? I usually fill it about halfway or more... And please don't give me a fraction. Haha I'm not good with numbers, I know that probably makes me sound like an idiot but, I've just never been good at it :P
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Alex Alex | 7 days ago
Normally you just need enough solution to cover the lenses. If the case is overfilled I guess the lid could snip or cut off a piece of the lens edge, but if it's more like a crack then I would suspect you may be pinching the edge too hard when you are taking the lens off the eye according to one expert at http://www.coloredcontacts.com
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Tucson Tucson
That's very strange and doesn't really sound like a side effect from the amount of solution you use. Anyways in contact cases there's usually like lines or a pattern on the inside bottom that stop a little ways up from the top of the case. Does that make sense? Anyways my eye doctor always told me to fill it to there, which is almost full.
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Rich Rich
There should be like little ridges in the contact case. Just fill it up till you reach the top of those ridges
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Rich Originally Answered: Contact Lens Solution and Contact Lenses?
You should not let them sit in the same solution for more than a few days. If you go weeks on end without wearing them, I'd say change the solution in the case AT LEAST once a week, but it really should be done like every 3 days. You can get bacterial growth in the case if you let them sit like that. My husband has a pair of expensive extended wear toric lenses that he got before we met. They are STILL upstairs in our medicine cabinet in the same solution they have been in for like 3 years. He used to try to put them in and then wondered why they burned like hell. That's why!!

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