Can any one help me to answer this questions?

Can any one help me to answer this questions? Topic: Tree thinking case study answers
July 19, 2019 / By Bree
Question: I want to ask simple questions and I would like to hear the answers. It’s not an attack from my side, just inquiries coming from the logic. Why according to the Bible Earth is older than the Sun? I can read that God created first Earth and later gave the day and the night. All we know today that night and day come from the mutual work of Earth and Sun. So it’s impossible that Sun was created later. Why Bible says so? Because people who wrote Bible that time couldn’t know about it, because this knowledge came later or maybe God wanted to hide it or lied to us? Second thing is that in Bible human was created as a first animal and that is fake. First human and then apes from which human becomes? A bit ridiculous. How it is? Why Bible says so? Is it another proof that Bible was written just by simple people? I think so, because I can’t believe God would lie to us. First alive organism on Earth was bacteria and all plants and all animals are descendants of bacteria. Sounds scary, but is true (you can check it during DNA tests). If you take any bacteria and study something about it in laboratory you would understand how our world function and how close we are to it. In Christianity there is one God in three images- God the Father, Son of God and Holy Spirit. 3 items, but representing one being. So… my question is- why Jesus is praying to God if He is God? Why when he is dying on the cross he is saying “Father, why did you leave me?”. What father? God the Father= Jesus, because we have just one God. By the way… Do you know that Saint Trinity is taken from the oldest cult in the world? From Lunar Cult which was created in the age of matriarchy. So first true Saint Trinity was: virgin-priestess (Full Moon), woman-mother (Quarter) and witch (New Moon- so-called all knowing mother- till the age of Church, the word “witch” had been associated with Goddes, but of course, because of well known reasons, Church gave to this name negative overtone). Not only Christianity used the Saint Trinity of Lunar Cult, so it’s nothing strange, but that would be nice if Church informed believers where from Saint Trinity came. Now ask yourself why 2 most important festivals in Christianity are connected with… night. Christmas and Easter (in Polish Wielkanoc, what means exactly “The Big Night”), which is movable holiday, because of the moon! And why do we celebrate Jesus birthday in December if according to Bible he was born in March? I think I know why. In December there is solstice, ancient day of Sun. Christianity is based also on sun cult, that is why we celebrate His birthday in December, that is why the Eucharist and Host look like sun and that is why the Saints has halo above their heads on paintings. All because of sun. Because of pagan faith. Each religion had been changed many times and it’s not a shame to talk about it, but I don’t understand why Christianity is still hiding many things. All we know how cruel is the history of the Church, when on behalf of God Christians killed million of innocent people just because they believed in other way in God. Are you aware than Christmas tree came from pagan German people who lived in forests? How normal, educated person can believe in God? Ask yourself why Christianity is almost dead in Europe. In my opinion Church did all to kill God. We lost God between artificial prayers, boring masses and kneeing in front of pictures of the saints who in most of cases were sick or anti-Semites, although Jesus was a Jew. Why in Christianity God is a male? I mean, I know God has no gender and is not a human, but why do you call IT a father? It’s a being! The power which moves atoms and let you walk straight on ground. It’s not a human. I know it’s so much easier to understand and believe when we say God is a human, but… it’s not truth. It’s a big big ENORMOUS lie created in times of patriarchy. Everybody can be such God as Jesus was. I can say I am God and nobody can give me any proof I am not. Because there is no explanation of God. In my country we have one lady who claims she is the successor of Jesus and she has many believers. They pay her to meet her and pray to her and they say she does miracles and who can tell them that they are being cheated and they pay for nothing? If they believe so strong and are happy who can say to them NO? The same with Christianity which has totally no proofs that Jesus existed and did any miracle. It’s so sad what I am saying, but if you took to hand one good biochemistry book and studied it you would understand a thousand time better the world and real God, because the science is not killing religion, it only shows better way to real God. Shows the structure of the power and exposes the mistakes of religions. It also gives you the possibility to get into real interaction with God. Tell me- how you can believe that there was no evolution? Why do you believe what is written in book which was changed as many times as the ruler of empire changed and cut or added something to Bible. Why you don’t want to believe in truth as Jesus said? Why you don’t believe in proofs given by science. Those proofs come from God to let you understand all. Church agreed with evolution, but still it forgets about it. Church is not bad now. I’m not talking about the Vatican which is just one big world bank which helped the Nazis to escape to south America after world war II, but I’m talking about Church in general. It’s so good that Church is speaking about love these days, but it has to change. Speaking now about saints is boring and people don’t believe in things like this. If Church made a reform it would gain new believers. Church is doing lots of good things around the world, but it should help from heart and not because it wants to give Christianity by force. If you help poor people in bush, help them and let them believe in trees and birds, because you have no proofs and no right to say or even think that your religion is better than their. If you are happy with your religion let other people, your sisters and brothers to be happy with this what they grew up with. Don’t say “I will feed you and cure your wounds, but you have to pray to cross, not to birds”. Why do you use such a expression as "knights of the Eucharist” at all? Why Christianity is full of violence and why it doesn’t teach to love God from heart but forces to love from fear- “if you don’t believe you will be burnt in the hell”. This is this love? Why God in Bible is all the time testing humans. I think I also know why. Because religion was created by us, by humans, who always want to gain profits and who will do all to take incomes. It’s easy to say “pay taxes, because if not, God will send you to the hell”. Why Egyptian plagues came for example? Not because of anger of God. Of course not. It happened due to the eruption of volcano. Why rivers and sea became red? It happens each year thanks to the algae, that’s why Red Sea received such a name. What was the cause of another plague connected with black spots on bodies of people and animals like cows and sheep? The cause was Bacillus anthracis (anthrax). If you read carefully all report in Bible about that you will see all symptoms of anthrax epidemic (skin form). Lots of animals which keep heads often near ground get infection by this bacteria, because it lives in ground. The other very sad thing is that Christianity is supposed to appear as the religion of tolerance, so can you tell me why women can’t be priests? In other religions it’s not a problem and for many believers women are far more better priests than men, because they are very sensitive and they are much more interested to help. Your god doesn’t like women- why? The other thing is that female gender was created first. Because only female organism is able to give life. Even humans can reproduce themselves just from women and men are not needed. The Y chromosome is getting smaller and within ages there will be no men. So what will happen with Christianity? No pope, no priests… Sad, but if Christianity exists that time it will have to face this problem. Why women are worse in Christianity and they can’t be priests? Why somebody whose “ovaries” are hanging between legs is better than the same human, but whose ovaries are higher? God is everywhere. In each tree and stone, in everyone of us, but we have to notice it and not fight with world, because it has no sense. Try to understand why world is so colourful and why people believe in different things. Because there is many ways to God, so many as many people live on this planet. And the Earth is just one small planet among a thousand billion of the same planets in solar system. Don’t be scared to think.
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Alexa Alexa | 8 days ago
Hello, You have been getting a lot of stick and bad comments about your quesion. But I will provide you with the awnsers you require. I admire your intrest in Christainty. As a Christian myself i am able to awnser some of your questions. God is in 3 images but the 3 images are not God. It is a difficult one to get your head arround but basicly, God is in Jesus but Jesus is not in God. So Jesus prays to God but God doesnt pray to Jesus. I I dont know about the Saint Trinity of Luna so I cannotcomment on that part of your question. Celebrating Christmas in Decemebr comes from pagainism. Jesus was born in March but people Celebrate in Decemeber since this pagan traditon began. You first talk abotu why the Earth is older then the Sun. Now the Book of Genesis in the Bible is about the begining of creation. However there are theories that it is the human mind. As we know the sun was created before the work. God would not want to hide or lie to any of his children and you should not feel like he is. Humans did write the Bible and some facts get changed over time. Back whne the Bible was written people would want there voices to be herd by exaggerating. This would make the book more popular. Most of the Facts in the Bible are the simple Truth but in the old testerment there are a lot of controdictions and exaggarations. Christainity is not hiding many things. God is not like that. True there have been some extreamists in Christianity with there false teachings and beliefs but such extremists exist in all reigions. God is considered a man because it is the only way to compreahend the power and strengh of him. There are some people who belive they are God and Jesus and we should let them have there relief. You say that Science is not a killing religion but because of Science we have the abilty to kill. Think of Nuclear Science that created bombs that have and will destory millions of lives. Also think about all the bombs and guns used to kill people that were created from Scientific Rearch.. I think taht some of your questions like Why Dont you are pearsonal to each pearson and i refuse to awnser questions on such a pearsonal level. Your question goes a bit of facts and less question at the end. I hope that my awnser was sufficent to provide you with the awnsers you require and if you want to ask any more qeustions please do so.
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Ans: No:1 well if you could adopt thats perfect,but if you can't just buy one! No 2:I got mine for 15 euro each so around that! No 3:well i use homemade bedding so around 20 euro for 2 No 4:Shreddings is best thats what i use and it healthy for them,safe and cozy! No 5:no your gerbils can not live in this for the bars are too big and you dont want a giant cage i recommend using a small fish tank 40 gallons is perfect for them! No 5:The one that looks most healty like seeds,biscuits and nuts dont but the one with loads of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds!

Tudor Tudor
Quickly choose the best answer - that will resolve this question that has not been asked - and then post the real question you wanted to begin with, so that you wont have to put with the other really ridiculous answers that you have been getting - I feel your pain -
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Richard Richard
Sure! First, actually ask a question. This should provide a means for those who wish to answer it to actually do so.
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Richard Originally Answered: Can anyone please answer this questions?
YAHOO SEARCH DOES WONDERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, does more than I will...Do your OWN homework!!!!!!!!!!!

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