What are all the computer courses that a mechanical engineer should know?

What are all the computer courses that a mechanical engineer should know? Topic: Mechanical engineering jobs applications
July 21, 2019 / By Brielle
Question: Iam now in 2nd year mechanical engineering.Please tell me what computer course that i can learn, which may give me more preference in campus placement.
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Best Answers: What are all the computer courses that a mechanical engineer should know?

Alia Alia | 7 days ago
Look at CAD classes. Not only should they help you in campus placement, but they'll aslo help you in getting a job. AutoCAD is a very basic CAD software, and the beginning class for any other CAD software classes. CATIA v5 is becoming an industry standard, and has several applications ranging from part design, kinematic application, all the way to stress analysis. Computer classes vary from school to school, so contact your administrations office, and they'll be able to help you further.
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Alia Originally Answered: Are you a mechanical engineer?
I work as a consulting engineer, spending about 45 hours in the office each week. If a deadline is looming, it could be more like 60, but you do what it takes to get the project done. I have a bachelor's degree, it took me 5 years. I have passed the Professional Engineer (PE) exam. I love my job. I like the feeling of satisfaction I get from seeing a blank sheet turned into plans, schedules and schematics for the contractor to construct the systems. I have worked on many projects but I think my favorite was retrofitting a school to use a biomass boiler as its heat plant. I chose my career by taking the path less traveled. I could have either gone with structural systems (which everyone was doing) or mechanical systems.

Tyron Tyron
Ya dude it's helpful for you man.This is the generation of technical where you can find many kind of very awesome thing which is made by science, and computer course is the best matter that everyone's need of this generation . if you take the class of engineer so you must take the class of computer it can help you where you are being in problem . There you can design of your imagine . dude there is nothing reason for taking class for your mechanical engineer you can take this course while you are taking anything (doctor, Pilot , mechanical engineer, furniture maker, hotel, home anything you are in you can take a class of computer)........
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Rigby Rigby
Auto cad is good but working with Pro-Engineer or something equivalent would be better cause you could do simulations and test the stresses and weak point on your project instead of just designing it. Sometimes techs are the ones in charge of creating the actual drawing after the Engineer explains the details to them. Besides if a company wants you to learn a new program they'll give you training in it. Most programs are pretty much the same and once you learn the concepts its not to hard to learn. Minitab is another good program that deals with quality control issues.
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Merton Merton
As an Engineer i would think a design software like CAD would be good, but really it all depends on what field you are looking to place in mechanical engineering.
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Jordie Jordie
as a mechanical engineer u should know about the designing software like CAD and u have bright future in it industry
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Hanael Hanael
in industry, designs are done as per some international code. e.g pressure vessel /columns/boilers: ASME sec-VIII DIV.1 Heat exchangers : TEMA OR HEI Codes. pipe DESIGN & stress analysis - ANSI B31.3 Structural design - ASCI. etc. There are some ASP s which meet the requirements of above refered codes and standards . Some of them are STADPRO, PVELITE,CAESER, TRIFLEX, TANK, HTRI-x, plant design , autocad etc. you will be using some of them in future . You should learn c+ progrmming as well. Try to learn to use whatever software is available with your institute .
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Hanael Originally Answered: What are the steps to becoming a mechanical engineer?
Normally you would graduate with "BSME", bachelors of science in mechanical engineering. On or about the same time, you might take a "Fundamentals of Engineering" (FE) test to get an "Engineers-In-Training" (EIT) certification. You might then be hired as an ME, even without EIT cert. After an apprenticeship time which would depend on the state, you might take a more specialized test, to become a "Professional Engineer" (PE). You could then advertise and consult as an "Engineer", and approve construction drawings for general use by a contractor. Alternatively, there is a whole seperate path to work yourself up to "Stationary Engineer", which seems to be something like a Mech. E. specializing in HVAC epuipment operation and repair.

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