I am planning to dban my compac desktop?

I am planning to dban my compac desktop? Topic: Case sensitive location
July 19, 2019 / By Britannia
Question: I am thinking of just booting dban and then install windows seven and thats it. Is this correct or false? My original compiter was vista but i upgraded it to a windows 7 so im wondering what to do in order to do this correct?
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Alice Alice | 10 days ago
You probably don't need DBAN. DBAN is used for completely destroying data if there's sensitive data that you don't want anyone to have a chance of getting. Look at it this way. Your hard drive is a piece of paper and your data is a bunch of 0's and 1's. Regular formatting will just erase the 0's and 1's, but that may leave a few marks behind. What DBAN does is first it erases it, then it colors the entire page black, then erases again, then it colors the page black and the whole process repeats again, as many times as you want it to. Again, this is not necessary at all if you just want to install a new OS for your own use. DBAN is used for ensuring the complete obliteration of data, with the same standards even used by the government. Anyway, in most cases, all you need to do is pop in the Windows 7 disc and hit Upgrade on setup. If you want a clean install, make sure you have your data backed up in another location (flash drive, the Cloud, etc), then just click format on the drive when you're in setup. It's pretty simple, really.
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Alice Originally Answered: Suffered by "desktop defender" and now desktop is gone! plz help?
Your problem is that the registry value "Shell" under the key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\ Windows NT\CurrentVersion \Winlogon has changed The value of this value should be Explorer.exe This registry value launch Explorer.exe each starting of Windows Your desktop is deactivate by the key NoDesktop under the key HKCU\Software\Microsoft \Windows\CurrentVersion\ Policies\Explorer Use this removal tool to restore all parameters that have been changed by this malware http://www.net-studio.org/eng/patch/patc... This is the advantage of a removal tool, they remove virus, malwares, trojan etc... and restores all parameters that have been changed. --------------------------------- Antivirus software is useless in this case because you have no more viruses or malwares. ---------------------------------
Alice Originally Answered: Suffered by "desktop defender" and now desktop is gone! plz help?
You can ctrl+alt+del and file -->new task and type explorer.exe then Use combofix from bleepingcomputer.com, then go download malwarebytes from softpedia.com or cnet.com and use it(rename the installer if it doesn't let you install it such as winlogon.exe), then clean the rest of the virus with superantispyware and Hitman Pro 3.5 from softpedia.com/cnet.com and just in case you do have a rootkit on your system use GMER from majorgeek.com(Use gmer to scan and anything in red delete.) Future Protection use this wizard to recommend security protection for your system: http://www.techsupportalert.com/secwiz or go to safe mode and then do the above: To get into Safe Mode with Networking: 1. Log out and reboot your machine. 2. When the machine starts the reboot sequence, press the F8 key repeatedly. 3. Select Safe Mode with Networking from the resulting menu. Note: Rogue security software is a form of computer malware that deceives or misleads users into paying for the fake or simulated removal of malware. Or Manually: Terminating the process: 1.I verify that a Rogue is present. This isn't hard, since it's usually popping up just about every few seconds. 2.Click CTRL-ALT-DELETE (if it's available) 3.Click Task Manager 4.Click Processes 5.Find a process that usually contain all numbers. For example 2342342.exe. If you do not see all numbers then your rogue has a name like...SystemSecurityPro.exe or GreenAV.exe...etc. 6.Select that process and click end process. 7.At this point the rogue process has been terminated. Removing Rogue Anti-virus that is named with random numbers. 1.Click Start 2.Click Run (or for Vista type in the start search box) 3.For windows xp type: C:\documents and settings\all users\Application Data and click OK. A window will open containing a folder with about 8 numbers. Your Rogue is in there. Delete that folder. 4.For Windows Vista type C:\users\all users in the "start search" box and click enter. Your randomly named folder with about 8 digits should be in there. Delete it. Removing Rogue Anti-Virus that has a name like System Guard Pro, AV2010, etc 1.Open Windows Explorer. 2.Open your C:\ drive. 3.Open Program Files 4.Find the Rogue and Delete the folder. If not seek an expert. Good Luck!
Alice Originally Answered: Suffered by "desktop defender" and now desktop is gone! plz help?
This happened to me this morning. I spent one hour with a guy named ANDY in the Phillipines who suggested he did no longer have a clue. i'm helpful you have Norton put in. Uninstall it thoroughly. you in all likelihood have in basic terms below a month on it. I uninstalled mine, livid that it curiously wasn't working because of the fact I even have this trojan horse, and did right here besides: exchange your screensaver returned on your unique (even though that became into), and be helpful to click "follow." Then do an analogous inclusive of your laptop historic past. What Norton does is they placed advertising of their antivirus application that when you're approximately to run out, they surrepticiously exchange your screensaver and laptop historic past to teach bugs and warnings. it somewhat is meant to freak you out. It worked. yet my reaction became into untoward. I vow to by no ability EVER purchase a Norton product returned. there is lots of others that paintings besides. This f______g element took up 3 hours of my time figuring this out. Norton does not help. they simply acted stupid and unknowing. bypass the notice. purely uninstall Norton, exchange your screensaver and laptop backgrounds returned to unique, restart workstation, and you'd be positive. it works. F__K Norton. i'm livid. and then purchase yet another software, yet be helpful Semantec does not very own it........purely have been given returned from COSTCO. they have McAfee entire risk-free practices with SiteAdvisorPlus 2008 on sale with a chit (which you would be able to get on the front door on your way in) for $24.ninety 9. It became into $40 4.ninety 9, however the sale is for $20 off. it somewhat is totally plenty. This sale might end at present, i'm uncertain, might 17, 2008.

Tyson Tyson
you can just install windows 7, but remember to back up your data, recommend you to get windows 7 from www.getsoftwarekey.com, working great on my laptop for a year til now
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Tyson Originally Answered: How do i fix my HP desktop?
I've heard of this happening a lot to PC's when the motherboard battery(not the power supply) dies. It wants to load your setting but it cant. Don't take that as gospel but like I said it seems to be a common issue.
Tyson Originally Answered: How do i fix my HP desktop?
There will be 2 power connectors going from the power supply to the motherboard. One has 20 or 24 pins (a long connector) and one has only 4 or 6 pins. I suggest you disconnect and then re-connect the smaller one and then retry a boot. The smaller connector powers the CPU and if it is not connected properly it will have the effect you describe. Otherwise it could be a fault with the power supply unit (needing replacement power supply)

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