How to measure regression between yearly incomes and yearly wage income?

How to measure regression between yearly incomes and yearly wage income? Topic: Incomes data research
June 27, 2019 / By Britney
Question: So I'm a little confused here. I have a project where I'm researching the impact of a certain Act on the yearly incomes of some 31 odd labourers. Ok, so what I have surveyed is the yearly income of the sample prior to the enactment of this Act and the yearly incomes of the sample after the enactment. What I observed that there was a certain degree of improvement in yearly incomes but somehow I'm unable to establish a relationship between these two categories of incomes. I have to measure the regression but how do I proceed? That yearly income depends on a separate wage income? This can't be because the Y variable and the X variable cannot be the same... rather this looks like a problem of autocorrelation. If this is the case how do I proceed to establish a regression line between the two?
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Alicia Alicia | 1 day ago
You can run yearly income with wage income. Yearly income is dependent variable,while wage income is independent variable. It will not be a problem of multicollinearity. And if it is a cross-sectional data, it will not have autocorrelation. However, you have to check for constant variance. What you have to explain is the non-wage income, to make sure that the two variables are different,but correlated.
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