High schoolers supply list.PLEASE let me get your opinion, mommies?

High schoolers supply list.PLEASE let me get your opinion, mommies? Topic: History papers for kids
July 21, 2019 / By Britta
Question: My son just got his schedule and supplies list for the school year 2010-2011. He's going to be a freshman; anyways..his supplies list is: - 7 packs of looseleaf paper - Backpack/Tote bag ( NO rolling backpacks allowed) -black dry erase markers - mechanical pencils -black pens -blue pens -red pens - 3 packs of graphing paper - 5 different colored folders for each subject -protractor -compass for math - 5 binders for each subject - 3 pack of erasers - ticonderoga ONLY pencils -multi colored highlighters (blue,pink,yellow preferably) -5 composition notebooks I mean, we like to shop online at staples for everything instead of getting into the madness at the store, and after getting everything we needed to get a price, it totaled to $252.43..of course, i didn't want to spend that much but they said on the letter stated that " these items are mandatory, and we listed all of these items with intent to fulfill your child's education." I'm kind of confused, honestly.. i mean, why do they need exactly 7 packs of looseleaf paper? Moms, i would love to get your opinions on this. Thank you! :) WTF? - I had the same thoughts, but you get two lockers-- a top & a bottom one. They're actually quite large.. but i don't want him carrying all of it around in his backpack..
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Alis Alis | 3 days ago
5 binders for each subject? So... that means 5 binders for English, 5 for Math, 5 for Science, 5 for History, etc? Or does that mean one for each subject, totaling 5 subjects? LOL. I think way too deep sometimes. I used a lot more than 7 packs of looseleaf paper in school, I do know that. But mechanical pencils are a requirement? Back in my day, those weren't required, the "cool kids" had those, LOL. The rest of us had number 2 pencils. And they're doing brand specific stuff now? Give me a break. I know our high school was picky about the backpacks kids brought, they HAD to be see-through or mesh, nothing else. And they had to be kept in your locker.
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Alis Originally Answered: Freshman in high school and supply list?
Ahh, a color coordinator, I like you :) Supplies: a binder for each class, with dividers. an "everything" binder to always have with you (homework, schedule, planner, etc.) a 3 whole punch that goes in your "everything" binder loose notebook paper for all your binders (get lots 6+ packs) a pencil bag with: mechanical pencils & led, colored pencils, pens, highlighters, cheap spare pencils to loan out, Post-it notes WHITE OUT GUM GUM GUM Then anything your teachers say you need (so maybe a notebook or folder) but, if they just want a folder for the class, I'd still get a binder. I also always color coded everything. Now, for each class get a different color. Color coding your stuff will be super helpful I promise. designate each class a color and get everything for that class in that color. (EX: Math is yellow-get a yellow binder and yellow notebook or whatever your teacher wants) For your "everything/first day" binder-get a cute patterned one. If you can make your pencil bag match because these are the 2 basic items you will always have. In your "everything" binder keep your schedule and agenda planner and homework, all important papers, etc. This is your take everywhere and don't let it out of your sight tool but is super nice because you won't have to take as much stuff home. Locker stuff: First, get some locker racks and organizing boxes. Leave room for books too! A magnetic mirror for the door, those magnetic cups for your locker door too. Snack Makeup GUM perfume brush Nail clippers Duct tape ribbon or string Personal products HAIR TIES (actually I'd keep that in your backpack) Basic Tips: Depending on where your locker is, don't go to it in between every class, it's not needed. Carry everything for 2 or 3 classes at a time. Don't be nervous-it's not as scary as you think it will be. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you are lost ask a teacher or someone else. If your school lets you-go before school starts and walk your classes a few times and figure out the best routes. Get a map if the school has them and put it in your "everything binder". Maybe even type out and print a simplified version of your schedule because those can be confusing sometimes. Memorize your locker combination before the first day. Get a Jansport big student backpack- they are great! First day- Well if it's like my school, you go in (if you don't ride the bus make sure you get there early) and if you need to go to your locker, do so. Then just go to your homeroom/advisory (if you don't have that then just your first class.) Listen to announcements. Usually the first day is where the teachers go over rules, expectations, homework policy, that stuff. Usually you don't even have a seating chart the first day. Then you go to your next class and so on and so fourth. Lunch will probably be the most difficult part of the day. Usually lunch is split up into different "shifts" high school and all of the grades are combined. So that girl in English you really liked, might not be eating at your lunch so finding someone to sit with could be hard. My advice on this is to find someone in your class before lunch who has the same lunch and walk with them because also being Freshmen, you have no clue where to sit! Just find an open table. I also highly suggest packing the first day to avoid the lunch line. It's really not bad after your first class, and once you tackle lunch you are good to go! It's really scary walking into the building and into your first class but once you get through it you'll laugh at yourself for being so nervous. advanced in math and will be with seniors for that I'm sure that you will have no trouble. Freshman Tips: #1 Don't stop or stand in the middle of the hallway or be loud and obnoxious. #2 Be yourself! You will never make true friends unless you show them who you are! #3 Don't be nervous. (Of course you'll be nervous but try not to show it!) It's not bad after 1st class. #4 Be prepared emotionally. You will learn a lot about yourself and about others and start seeing people for what and who they are and will have to decide if that is what you want in your life. #5 Make good, long lasting friends. They say you don't go in with the friends you come out with that is very true. They also say your friends will change often. That doesn't have to be true if you find the good ones to start. #6 DON'T LET YOUR GRADES SLIP! Stay on top of things and always do your homework. #7 Have fun. These are going to be the best years of your life so make them count. #8 Don't let your "everything" binder out of your sight and USE IT! Hope I helped! Best wishes love.

Ulric Ulric
You don't need that much stuff. Unless you go to a private school, no teachers care. There were kids all year that just show up to school with a pencil. Wait until the teacher gives you a SPECIFIC list but usually they aren't right either. You will need paper (not seven though 0.o), pencils, folders, some notebooks, and backpack. No specific colors, brands, or numbers are needed. I didn't use any dry erase markers, protractor, compass, or composition notebooks
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Rio Rio
I am not a mother, but I did go to high school and they always sent those insane "mandatory" itemized lists home with me also. My mum and I never bothered to pay attention to them, this is what we did instead. Bought a spiral notebook, with perforated edges, 1 for each subject. 1 folder with brads and pockets for each subject. 1 Large 3 ring binder with a divider for each subject a pack or two of note book paper Then, just the normal stuff, pens, pencils, a ruler, map colours. Stuff that you know for certain, that you will need. More than likely, each teacher will give out a specific list of supplies you need for each class. I labeled each spiral and folder. I took notes in my spiral, I kept hand outs and homework in the folders, and the binder I used as a filing system. I kept all graded papers, old notes ect in the dividers. That way, I could use the tests/papers/homework and notes to study, when I needed to. This worked really well for me. I never bought everything on those silly lists. I never needed it. I also did not buy 7 packs of paper at once. I just bought it when I needed it. Good luck Add: I don't know if it is the same in your son's school. However, in my high school, the reason they wanted you to buy things like paper, pens, and dry erase markers in bulk, is so you could leave them in your homeroom and your teacher would have access to them. That way, if they needed a dry erase marker, or a kid showed up with no paper, pen or anything, they could give it to them, without having to use their own supplies. So basically, you're supplying other students with school supplies. That is what the intention was, in my highschool.
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Mesech Mesech
Ollies. You'll have to go in but they're much cheaper. And why do you have to buy 7 packs of paper at once? How are they going to know? They're in high school. They're not going to be dragging EVERYTHING to every class every day. And isn't most of that stuff going to be staying at home for homework? And ticonderoga only pencils? Do they have some sort of advertising contract with them or something? A #2 pencil is a #2 pencil. I can understand if your kid needs a specialty calculator or something but this seems like micromanaging. No wonder kids fail in college.
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Josh Josh
didn't some dude just ask this. get them teh folders and the composition books, they'll likely need them for each class. buy a pack of each color pen and pencils send them to school with 2 of each. buy a couple packs of loose leaf & graphing paper, replenish as neaded. buy a 2 pack of cheap dry erase markers, u can get them at the dollar store. nobody NEEDS an eraser. get em the highlighters. the comp books & the looseleaf can also be bought at the dollar store, as well as the pens (dollar store pens are actually kind of nice) these are all suggestions, they will not do an inventory of your kids stuff, and they will not kick them out for not having it all.
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Josh Originally Answered: Science Projects for high schoolers?
try growing plants in different colors of light, and see which grow the best. You can define "best" in a number of different ways - which grew the tallest - which had the most number of leaves - which had the thickest stems

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