Math problem involving slope and algebra?

Math problem involving slope and algebra? Topic: Homework help algebra slopes
July 21, 2019 / By Brittani
Question: a line with slope -1/3 passes through point (3,5) and (x,7). Find the value of x. This is one of my homework problems. help!!!
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Alisa Alisa | 4 days ago
y2 - y1 ----------- = slope x2 - x1 7 - 5 --------- = -1/3 {substituted into slope formula} x - 3 2 ------- = -1/3 {subtracted 7 - 5 on top} x - 3 2 = (-1/3)(x - 3) {multiplied both sides by x - 3} -6 = x - 3 {multiplied entire equation by -3 to clear fraction} x = -3 {added 3 to both sides} http://www.algebrahouse.com
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Alisa Originally Answered: Can you please help me with this algebra problem on slope-intercept form?
I did the same thing at school today(: I'm almost positive your answer would just be -3/2 because our teacher told us just do the reciprocal and make it negative

Ulrick Ulrick
for each question you will remedy for y. you'll have y on the left side of the equation and all different values on the appropriate first of all (this would contain branch). The "T" element is in all likelihood a t-table or some thing like it. What you do is enormously a lot draw a huge T and placed x-values on the left and y-values on the appropriate. The y-values will come out of your equations (solved for y); you insert numbers in for the variable x and get y values subsequently. as quickly as you have some values calculated you are able to graph them. The numbers that line up on the two side of the table are certainly your graph coordinates: (x1, y1), (x2, y2)...etc. those values would desire to furnish you with a linear graph through fact each and each equation solved for y=mx+b (the place m=slope and b=y-intercept)...additionally regular through fact the equation for a at modern-day line.
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Riordan Riordan
Slope=M M=Y2-Y1/X2-X1 Where Y1/X1 and Y2/X2 are points on the line -1/3=7-5/x-3 -1/3=2/x-3 x-3=-6 x=-3
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Riordan Originally Answered: MATH PROBLEM.help! word problem involving AGE.forgot how to do it?
Here is your solution: x- daughter's age at the moment. y-father's age at the moment i-daughter's age in 5 years time (i=x+5) j-father's age in 5 years time (j=y+5) 4x=y 3i=j 4x=y 3(x+5)=y+5 If we put value for y (y=4x) from first equation in second equation, it would be: 3(x+5)=4x+5 After solving it, we get that x=10. So, daughter is 10 years old at the moment. I hope it helped you.

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