How do you deal with that overwhelming feeling? or anxiety?

How do you deal with that overwhelming feeling? or anxiety? Topic: How to stop stressing over homework
July 16, 2019 / By Bronte
Question: Serious answers please! I'm thinking about going to see a therapist or maybe a doctor could hopefully help me out. But I feel like the last couple years my anxiety has gone through the roof =/ From what I can remember, it started off in high school when I would just feel really anxious about everything, doing homework, getting ready for school, trying not be late, reading questions over and over and not understanding them, doing presentations. And it even followed me to my first job I would sit in the break room for way over my 15 minute break, just feeling overwhelmed about random things (that I didn't want to go back out there, I wanted to just stay in a room by myself). Now i'm 22 and still have this problem and I DO NOT KNOW how to deal with it anymore. It takes me HOURS to get ready just because I keep thinking about so many different things in my head, it's scary, I feel nervous about going out to meet my friends, the other night I was supposed to go meet up some friends at a bar and i started thinking about what to wear, where I'm going, who i'm gonna bump into on the way, who's going to be there, Am i gonna look okay, what is everyone else gonna be wearing, and I just think way to much (most things that don't even matter), I just sit there thinking and stop getting ready (it's like my mind takes over whatever it is I'm doing). I was super anxious the whole night getting ready, even on the bus ride over, once I got to the bar I felt a little overwhelmed when I saw how crowded it was. (I also don't like to be in big crowds) But when I saw my friend, I sat next to her, got a drink and surrounded myself with chill people, finally calmed down. Sorry I'm writing my whole life story here hah..but just giving you an example of the feeling I always get. This feeling happens to me everyday, just different scenarios. So any help or advice would be extremely appreciated. Thanks for those of you who read on for your time and help!
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Alissa Alissa | 10 days ago
I really appreciate your tolerance power and patience. Couple of years is a very long period. Long back I also used to have lot of worries, anxieties, passions and urges, pulls and pressures, stresses and strains, moods and emotions, etc. etc. By God's grace, I have selected a highly reliable, trustworthy and wise mentor, from whom I take frequent guidance about all my doubts. As per my mentor's suggestion, I attended Yoga and meditation classes for about a year. I have thus learned systematically about physical self-discipline, mental control and social orderliness. Because of his kind blessing, I am away from such problems. Please continue to write such stories. It is really interesting.
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Alissa Originally Answered: Stalling on road-blocks, feeling stressed and prone to anxiety. How can I focus on writing - please help me?
I'm not gonna tell you to breathe, because I have an anxiety disorder and I also suffer from major depressive disorder and when people tell me to 'breathe' I want to strangle them. I can only tell you to find something that calms you down, preferably reading or listening music. Manage your time so you're not constantly overwhelmed and you have at least two hours to yourself everyday. Out of those two hours, spend one reading or listening to music and spend the other doing something that you like, even if it's watching TV. I know how hard it is. At the moment I too only have two hours of the day to myself because MDD and GAD screwed up my freshman and sophomore year so now I'm taking two extra classes. I spend my two hours writing as much as I can. Message me if you ever need to talk. Best of luck :)
Alissa Originally Answered: Stalling on road-blocks, feeling stressed and prone to anxiety. How can I focus on writing - please help me?
Apparently a break is only the beginning. If your anxiety is causing this much disruption to your overall life then maybe it is time to consider therapy. There's only so much you're going to be able to do yourself until you know how to handle stressful situations effectively.

Urban Urban
Scheduals ARE outstanding! the youngster is conscious while to assume specific issues at specific situations. My daughter has a mattress time of 8:30 pm, wakes up around 7 am and her nap is 10 am to 11 am and yet another nap at 2 pm - 3 pm. you are able to integrate the naps into one long one from a pair of million - 3 pm. She's no longer so cranky or irritable. I too am pregnant and easily at 6 months, yet seem VERY great. I even have being pregnant anemia and my hubby works in shape from 6 am to 7 or later pm. no longer plenty help on the weekdays in any respect. i'm useful as quickly as the toddler comes, you will in simple terms enable him make his very own schedual and take a glance at to get him/her to sleep for the period of the night as quickly as possible. i'm specific as quickly as my toddler is born, that i will experience extra effective. Chin up!!! you have gotten a clean toddler quickly and you heavily isn't so great and pregnant with hormones each the place :D
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Robert Robert
that happens to me too! haha i hate it, but try to just relax, say that you are working yourself over nothing i mean seriously they are your friends! why be nervous? try and distract yourself with like music and stuff :)
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Robert Originally Answered: My homework is overwhelming and my parents don't understand?
Have you ever though of not taking a nap then going to bed earlier or getting up later? And not doing homework isn't going to kill you GPA. I never did homework unless it was like a project or a paper. And i got into college. When i graduated HS my GPA was a 3.875. Which is pretty damn good. Personally, I think you need to grow up and quit complaining about how if you Don't take a nap you will be too tired in the morning. If you can't handle high school, then you definitely are not going to make in college. Where your classes are going to be way harder, and there will be way more Homework and assignments.

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