Will having a baby cause irreparable damage to one's body?

Will having a baby cause irreparable damage to one's body? Topic: Worst case stretch marks
July 16, 2019 / By Bryana
Question: I don't mean to sound as though having children is a blessing, it certainly is I'm sure. I'm just curious to know if giving birth the normal way/ having cesarean section done and having it leave a huge scar, stretch marks etc are the only things mother-to-bes can expect? Are the marks THAT noticeable if any and is it difficult to lose the baby weight after? Thanks! JB's Mom- Of course I believe having children is a blessing, but who won't admit their body matters as well? There's no contradiction there! Most people who don't care about the stretch marks/ marks, are the ones who never had anything to show off anyway!!! I'm just talking facts here!
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Allana Allana | 4 days ago
You dont need to answer to anyone, we all have a right to be concerned about how our body is going to change! You still want to feel like a woman afterwards and not just a mum! It was something that I thought about but I didnt neccessarily get stressed and I wouldnt have let it put me off having children so if your oregnant or planning on then just enjoy it as its amazing. Personally, I got some stretchmarks but not many and these only came at the very end when I was overdue. My baby is now 19 weeks old and they have practically disappeared. My belly is definitely a lot softer than it used to be but it doesnt look too bad and if I could just motivate myself (and find the time) I think it would go back to normal with some toning exercises. I have always been proud of my figure and worked hard at it so if I can accept the changes in my body then anyone can! I breastfeed my daughter so I think that has helped me lose the weight really easily, I weigh less than I have done in years and I still eat everything I want! As long as you dont go crazy when pregnant and eat everything in site then theres no reason why your body cant return to its former state. That might not be the case if your planning on having 10 kids though!! If I do have a bad day and get a little fed up of my wobbly tummy then I just look at my beautiful daughter and remind myself what it was all for, I would sacrifice a lot more than a flat stomach for her!!
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Allana Originally Answered: Can natural progesterone cream keep your body from expelling a baby you have miscarried?
I am not sure. But if I was you I would call a dr or clinic and ask them. If you have to tell them your writing a paper they will be more likely to answer if they dont think a realy person is involved. I would guess that the way the body works even if she continued to use the cream that the body would eventually shed the dead tissue on its own. But if it takes to long it might be harmful. You could also call health stores or homeopath healthers and ask them.

Urian Urian
It depends what you mean by irreparable damage... Stretch marks will fade but never go completely. They can be all over the body, not just the tummy. i have them on my boobs and thighs as well as my tummy! Sometimes you will suffer from haemorrhoids (piles) after having a baby, these can be internal or external. Sometimes they are painful, sometimes they are more of an annoyance than anything! Your bladder control may be affected but this can be prevented by doing your pelvic floor exercises. Trying to think what else...Oh your boobs won't be as pert! This will be whether you breastfeed or not. As for losing the baby weight-it depends on the woman. Some are lucky enough for the weig to drop off without much work. Some, like myself, still struggle to lose their baby weight (even though I breastfed for 7 months!!!) when the youngest is 2 years old lol!!
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Roddy Roddy
All of those issues vary from person to person. Look at how your mother was when she was pregnant with you and you will see how you rbody will likely react in the way of stretch marks and such. If you are already big and have less room for your skin to stretch you will likely get worse stretch marks than someone who starts out tiny and has lots of room to grow. Weight gain and the loss of it after the baby is born can be controlled. I only gained 22 lbs the whole time I was pregnant and I was on bed rest the last month. Within 3 weeks after I had my baby I had lost all the baby weight plus another 8 lbs. I have a friend that is 9 months preggo right now and she has only gained 10 lbs. As for the c-section scar, that depends on how they have to cut you. if they cut you side to side down low, it is a small scar. Now 6 months after, I can barely see it. If it is an emergency and for some reason they have to cut you top to bottom, obviously that one will be more noticable. It still will deminish in time though. Pretty much, you are able to conrtol the things most women are worried about (stretch marks, weight gain, and weight loss). Even the few strtch marks I have and the c-section scar was well worth having my baby here now.
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Michaya Michaya
It can -- it happens in certain circumstances. I've known women who tore during vaginal births and it's never healed quite correctly. I know I still have numbness around my c-section scare and my little man's nearly a year old. Stretch marks never go away -- they may fade, but you'll never lose them without surgery. 'Course, you may also not get them -- it's up to genetics. Some women's stomachs were just stretched completely out of whack and that can't be fixed without a tummy tuck. (And I'm not talking about a little extra weight being gained -- that can be worked off).
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Judah Judah
Most women already have stretch marks. From puberty, from playing sports, losing or gaining weight too fast, or whatever. If you don't, you probably won't get stretch marks with pregnancy. Stretch marks fade to white. They are less noticeable as time goes by. I already had them on my thighs and breasts from puberty. As far as losing the baby weight, it depends on the person. For me, I was below my pre-pregnancy weight by 3 weeks PP with all of my children. I will say, though, that no matter how much weight you lose your body will never be the same after you've had a child. Your hips are permanently wider, and sometimes your muscles separate in your stomach, so it will never be perfectly flat again (it was before you were pregnant). Your breasts might stay bigger or they might get smaller, and they will probably sag a bit more. Truly, if you are worried about your body, it is probably not the time to have a child.
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