Does this count as proof for God?

Does this count as proof for God? Topic: How to write arabic in note 2
June 17, 2019 / By Bryony
Question: As I have noted in other questions I have posted; many people ask for proof; so I have begun posting questions that contain proof to see people's responses: The following two verses from the Quran: First verse from Surah Al-Dhariyat: "And the heavens We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are expanding them". (some translations use the words "their expander" but the meaning is clear in the original Arabic) 1) This verse is pretty self-explanatory and doesn't require much explanation. The universe has been confirmed to be expanding by the consensus of the scientific community. you can look up more about it on Google if you like. Second verse from Surah Al-Anbiyaa: "The day when We shall roll up the heavens like a written scroll; just as We began the first creation, We shall repeat it; (this is) A binding promise upon Us, We are to perform it." 2) This meaning of this verse in conjunction with the first verse explains the nature of the universe's creation. The first verse clearly identifies the expansion of the universe; while the second verse indicates that the whole process is cyclical. "Just as we began the first creation, we shall repeat it". Combining the verses we see the following: A) the universe has been in a state of expansion ever since it began; which is confirmed by scientific theory. (Big Bang) B) the ultimate fate of the universe is to contract in upon itself like a scroll; which in the scientific world is referred to as the theory of the "big crunch". (meaning the expansion will cease and a state of rapid contraction will take over; resulting in the compression of the universe and everything within it.) While the theory of the "big crunch" is rivaled by the theory of the "big rip" they are both still major scientific theories that are under investigation. It is however; obvious that the Quran is stating that the "big crunch" theory is the correct one, and the "big rip" theory is the wrong one. I have no doubt that this will become evident over time. Do you consider the above as valid proofs? the bible is not relevant here. as Muslims believe in the quran; not the bible. If i have "twisted" or stretched the meaning of the verse why have you not pointed out how I did so? I explained my reasoning above in my question, why have you not explained yours? the only reason the above can even be considered evidence is because it is established that the quran was written long before the dsicovery of such things. if you want absolute evidence of god; then you might as well just leave YA; cause it will never ever happen. "Quran also instructs Muslims to forcefully convert non-Muslims to Islam" really....? what about the CLEAR VERSE THAT SAYS "THERE IS NO COMPULSION IN RELIGION!!!!!!!!!!!" CRYSTAL CLEAR VERSE THAT is indisputably recognized by all Muslim scholars for over 1400 years. obvious evidence against your obscene claim that is based on sheer ignorance. the sun setting in a muddy spring is an error only non-arabic speaking people make because of (like you) their silly ignorance. if i say to you, "lets go see the sun set over lake" do I mean the sun literally sets over the lake????? no............ not at all. however if i am foreigner and do not understand english. I met get the absolutely retarded idea that you mean the sun sets over the lake directly. however all native speakers will mock me and laugh at my absurd idiocy of not understanding the language. this is YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Allene Allene | 7 days ago
A "verse" from a fictional book is still fiction. You need more than just "an old book says so". Allah, god, and other deities are mankind's soothers, for those who can't, or won't grow up.
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Allene Originally Answered: If science does not have proof, why do all the atheists/scientists/evolutioni. always want proof of God?
Assuming you are really serious in your question, it is my opinion that those who require proof of the Divine, are those (generally adolescents) whose brains have not yet reached the stage of formal operations. That is, those individuals who are incapable of comprehending such abstract concepts as love, faith, belief, etc. This is precisely why Algebra is not taught in school until normally the ninth grade; because it involves grasping the abstract concept of "X." These people are physically limited to understanding only the concrete ideas in their lives and require physical manipulatives to understand things.

Uthai Uthai
I'm getting very tired of this ridiculous idea that the Quran somehow has real science in it. The Quran has no more knowledge than you would expect from someone of the time. It states that the sun sets in a muddy spring, and ants can talk. The "knowledge" of cosmology displayed is merely poetic and shows nothing about the universe. The "knowledge" of biology and embryology displayed reflects what was thought at the time, and was largely repeating what the Greek/Roman physician Galen taught. If you throw enough nonsense at a wall, some of it will stick. The "holy" Quran also instructs Muslims to forcefully convert non-Muslims to Islam and kill and oppress those who resist conversion. Islamist terrorists can and do say that they are just following the Quran, and thus they are the true Muslims. Saying that Islam is a religion of peace is contradicted almost every day by people killing others in the name of Islam. See the first two links below for rational critiques of Islam and the Quran. See the 3rd link for what happened to somebody who criticized the "religion of peace." See the 4th link for problems with Islam, from ex-Muslim authors. "The spread of Islam was military. There is a tendency to apologize for this and we should not. It is one of the injunctions of the Qur'an that you must fight to spread Islam." - Dr. Ali Issa Othman, Islamic Scholar Quran 18:86 "Till, when he reached the setting-place of the sun, he found it setting in a muddy spring, and found a people thereabout. We said: O Dhu'l-Qarneyn! Either punish or show them kindness." Quran 27:18 "Till, when they reached the Valley of the Ants, an ant exclaimed: O ants! Enter your dwellings lest Solomon and his armies crush you, unperceiving." Quran 2:191-193 – "And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]…and fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah." Quran 2:216 – "Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not." Quran 2:244 – "Then fight in the cause of Allah, and know that Allah Heareth and knoweth all things." Quran 9:5 - "fight and slay the pagans (or infidels or unbelievers) wherever you find them"
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Rodge Rodge
Again, you try to usurp the value of scripture that was written long before the Quran was even a thought... Job 9:8 New American Standard Bible (NASB) 8 Who alone stretches out the heavens And tramples down the waves of the sea; Isaiah 40:22 New American Standard Bible (NASB) 22 It is He who [a]sits above the circle of the earth, And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the heavens like a curtain And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in. Zechariah 12:1 New American Standard Bible (NASB) 12 The burden of the word of the Lord concerning Israel. Thus declares the Lord who stretches out the heavens, lays the foundation of the earth, and forms the spirit of man within him, Now... seeing as you do not believe in the Bible, and you deem it "not relevant," as Muslims "do not believe in the Bible"... isn't it strange that the "new revelations" of the Quran seem to pop up in scriptures written 3000 years (Job) before the Quran was written? Perhaps you should look up Surah 2: 87... and see what is being said there. The Torah, and Law, the writings, and the prophets, and all of the Ingil... all were (according to the Quran you believe in) given to MAN, by GOD. (By the way, that was written in the Bible first as well)....
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Micky Micky
No, scriptures (no matter which one) don't count as proof at all. They are considered claims. A real proof must be independently demonstrable. A proof for a god would be e.g. if you would be able to show it to anyone that your god exists. In short : Scriptures are just pieces of paper. They're not testable. Therefore, they are not considered evidence for one side or the other. They're unable to prove anything.
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Jules Jules
Unfortunately if you take your bible literally you have to accept the genesis account was flawed and therefore not the word of god. Also, you are relegating your god to gaps, not exactly the way I would go were I foolish enough to believe in magic. Edit: Bible just means holy book, and the quran has genesis in it if I remember correctly.
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Harri Harri
The Koran contains some truths that science has confirmed, as do many other holy texts. They all come from the same inspiration: the Bible, the Vedas, the Tao and Buddhist scriptures, and Pagan mythologies. Some of the Koranic science claims are exaggerated though too, and I wouldn't overly try to treat a spiritual work of faith like the Koran as a science text. Science and religion both have their place in things.
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Harri Originally Answered: Atheists: What constitutes proof? How do I know when I have solid proof?
Evidence is something that can be examined and measured that leads to a certain conclusion. To be proof it also would need to have no other alternate explanations

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