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July 16, 2019 / By Cacia
Question: what should i get my BF for his B-day? he likes to tap dance, hes into theater, and hes outgoing? I just need some ideas. BTW im like a younger teen, so nothing too extreme
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Ally Ally | 2 days ago
umm my ex gf was from flordida and im from CA, so she wrote me this letter. It was on reallly nice paper and hand written. It was about how much she loved me and how much she missed me, and like how many miles we were apart didn't even come close to the amount that she loved me. It was the best bday present i could ask for honestly. Way better then like a t-shirt or something like that, that she could have gotten me. Be creative and sincere and Im sure he'll love it!
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Uziel Uziel
I want to believe that you know him more than any of us "in the house here". By that I mean you should really know him inside-out beyond the physical. That is, his emotions, and how he reacts to things - including colours and aesthetics. So, I'll strongly advice you to open your mind very well enough to cast a retrospective look how he reacts to all those aspects mentioned above. Your mind will just suggest something to you - that's what you should go for - provided you can afford it. Cheers!
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Rolf Rolf
haha someone said a condom omg dont do that sweetie. kay so im thinking t-shirts pants belts the usual guy stuff. you no? or take him to a play something hes really wanted to go to.
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