Urgh. Annoying Parents Problem. Help?

Urgh. Annoying Parents Problem. Help? Topic: Should we ban homework
July 16, 2019 / By Caetlin
Question: My parents are so annoying it's not funny. They make a big deal out of everything. e.g the other day I went home from school sick and they threatened to send me to boarding school if I ever came home sick again (WTF?). Then they think getting a detention for something stupid like forgetting a homework is the end of the world. And the other day, my mom was on the computer when one of those "BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ARE WAITING TO SPEAK TO YOU NOW" pop-up ads came up, and now they think it came up because I was watching porn on the computer. I've never watched porn before and they found nothing on the computer, but they still banned me from the computer. What annoys me the most is that they only seem to notice the bad things, even if half the time I didn't even do anything. Like the other day, my school sent a letter to my parents saying I had the 3rd highest grades in the tests in my grade. Not even a "Well done!"-they said now that I better get another one of those this year! I don't think I can handle another 4 years of this before I can move out. Any advice?
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Almah Almah | 6 days ago
Happiness is an attitude to life that you must always keep in mind. It is much more than an emotion or feeling. To be truly happy, it is very easy; just follow these steps Remember that nothing they can say should hurt you. You decide if you want to be hurt. You are the owner of your life. You should not depend on anyone emotionally. Remember that life is simple, but we humans make it complicated. It is not about having the best home, or the latest phone model, it's about being happy with yourself. Do what you please, but without hurting others. Start by enjoying the most trivial pleasures, like a delicious snack or a good movie Let us fight for a better life without feeling self-defeated.
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Almah Originally Answered: What can I do in this annoying situation REALLY SERIOUSLY ANNOYING STUPID PARENTS?
Wow I was right there with you! Life sucks.. Get use to it sorta is what I might be saying. I hated when ppl bothered me when I was studying and that's y I grew up the way I did! Don't forget about school. And don't expect a man to take care of u. You want to make ur own money so u don't have to put up with anyone's ****! Deal with ur parents now try to get better grades and be all you can be! Just try to boost your confidence is what I am trying to say. Like the little engine.. I think I can I think I can! Toot toot

Val Val
act crazy ignore them and gently rock back and frow with a big knife , muttering stuff about blood and guts and pig heads.. yeah i know how u feel it sucks but you got to just get on with it, parents are ***** when your a kid, just try and not piss them off and keep a low profile, ask them if they need any help around the house or watever if you can be bothered, but at least it will look like you care about the things they do,
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Rolo Rolo
i understand precisely what you propose I actual have the suitable comparable issue, im doing my gcses in some month too and that i've got the worst temper ever, one component I actual have chanced on that enables nevertheless is looking a place,somewhat much like a 2nd homestead which you pass on a known foundation to get faraway from existence and the stresses of tests. in case you like sport stuff pass on your community activities middle, stuff like that. i particularly adore animals so i've got been given an element time interest working at a farm like place on a campsite, it became so friendly and gave me time to unwind. in case you get a pair of your friends to return alongside it provides time to socialise as nicely : ) as to your temper you could locate it is especially to do with the rigidity, so get your rigidity ranges under administration. in addition to now which you have pointed out your issue its plenty extra handy to variety it, you may get drugs i think yet once you sense your beginning to get aggravated its basic - walk away, in case you have any pets pass and take a seat interior the backyard with them, animals have a large calming effect - it works : ) and in case you have informed your mum she possibly is familiar with the place your coming from and is conscious shell only would desire to post with the worst of it till your tests are over : ) particularly it's going to get extra advantageous .. if no longer have been the two screwed .. yet im specific it is going to : ) curse this stupid rigidity : )
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Milton Milton
Unfortunately in life people will remember every bad thing you have done and not one single thing that was good! I myself would stop putting your parents into the lime light because they are drama queens! Tell them to stop the crap or else you will report them to your guidence counselor or child abuse dept. case settled because to create an action you must create one of equal or greater action!
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Kae Kae
They just care about you and are trying to steer you in the right direction. You will thank them for it in the future. Trust me..hang in there!
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Uninstall MSN messenger, and install it over again, Before you do, write all the contacts you had on a piece of paper, so you remember/know. Unfourtunatly, you have to install it back again, do your details again. And add the contacts from the piece of paper you mightve put your contacts on. Hope this helps :)

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