How old is my Edgar Allan Poe book?

How old is my Edgar Allan Poe book? Topic: A cover letter is designed to sell
June 17, 2019 / By Calantha
Question: I just came across an Edgar Allan Poe book called Weird Tales - It has W.B. Conkey Co. as the publisher, but I cannot find a date anywhere on the book. It looks VERY old with some sort of large symbol on the cover and the cover seems to be made of canvas material. There are a few short stories in it - The Murders in the Rue Morgue, The Mystery of Marie Roget, The Purloined Letter and The Gold Bug. Anyone have any idea how old it may be? The design on the spine of the book almost looks like a wand of some sort and the cover has 3 large circles that look like they are on the tips of a trident.
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Alvena Alvena | 10 days ago
Someone is selling that on AbeBooks for $195, and guesses it's from circa 1900. Does it look like this?
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Alvena Originally Answered: Edgar Allan Poe book report help?
Do the The Tell Tale Heart. Basically this guy decides to murder an old man he knows because his eye creeps him out, and then after he kills him, he feels guilty and confesses. :P NOT a hard concept!
Alvena Originally Answered: Edgar Allan Poe book report help?
Ergg! Ok my teacher made us do this project thing over him! Hes weird! The storys he write and the Red Raven thing was weird! hes a sick man! But i dont blame him cuz his real mom, adopted mom, his da dint love him, stuff like that.. Im sorry i cant help ya out here! I think you should go to ur teacher in the morning or someethhing and ask for some help. i think she/he will be more than gladly to explain! Lol ha byeee ♥ mee

Vere Vere
I have a very very old book from Edgar Allen Poe as well. It has all those short stories and more. Mine, I have estimated, is maybe 80 years old at the most. I'd like to take it to Antiques Roadshow. ^_^ Hope I helped.
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Vere Originally Answered: Bio of Edgar Allan Poe Help?
From wikipedia: In describing life on a long sea voyage, Poe also drew from personal experience.[22] In 1815, a six-year-old Poe along with his foster-parents traveled from Norfolk, Virginia to Liverpool, England, a journey of 34 days.[23] During the difficult trip, young Poe asked his foster father, John Allan, to include him in a letter he was writing. Allan wrote, "Edgar says Pa say something for me, say I was not afraid of the sea."[24] The family returned to the United States in 1820 aboard the Martha and docked in New York after 31 days.[25] Closer to the time Poe wrote his novel, he had sailed during his military career, the longest trip being from Boston to Charleston, South Carolina.[22]
Vere Originally Answered: Bio of Edgar Allan Poe Help?
he was born in 1809 in boston. his parents were actors his father died a year after he was born and his mother died shortly after after he graduated he wanted to be a writer but its was to expensive to publish his work so he was forced to join the army to make a living he later became an editor of the southern literary messenger In 1836 he married his 13year old cousin Virginia, she died 11 years later of tuberculosis. He was incredibly distraught over her death for he loved her very much in 1845 he published his most famous poem "The Raven" many believe this was based of his wife (although elenore wasn't her name) and he had done many other works involving the theme of the death of a beautiful girl As far as works, he also wrote" Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque' based on his work you can infer that he was a very complex and probably tortured dark man. I truly hope this helps. Good luck :)

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