I need help (Applying for My First Job)?

I need help (Applying for My First Job)? Topic: Writing applications for pc
June 17, 2019 / By Calanthe
Question: Hey, I'm applying for my first job at a local grocery store. They've hired a couple of my friends who are the same age as me, I'm 15 years old, what are some things that I put on my application form? For example, It says: "Describe any of your work related skills, experience, or training that is related to the position being applied for" I wrote "I am willing to learn, I have very good people skills. I am a very hard worker and reliable person as well." I did not know what to put because I don't have any work related skills or anything, can you guys PLEASE HELP ME?
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Alvina Alvina | 1 day ago
There are hard skills and soft skills which you can list. Hard skills is expertise that you can do, while soft skills are transferable (good with people, etc). Have you managed money before? Do you know how to make change? I would put "Cash Handling". You obviously know how to work a computer. Do you know any Microsft Office? Word? Excel? Powerpoint? "PC Skills" (list the version of windows you know) and list any programs you know how to use like MS Office which might be beneficial. You say you're good with people. A better way to say that is "Customer Service Oriented", meaning you are good providing services to the customers and dealing with people. Time Management, organizational skills...all those are good soft skills to list. "Outstanding attendance" is also a good one (but only put that if its true in school). Have you ever had to sell things for fundraisers at schools like candy bars, etc? "Outside Sales" is another way to say that. Good luck!
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Go in and talk to them for sure, face to face interactions give you a much better chance of getting the job. You can make a much better impression.

Vergil Vergil
I guess that's the best you've got. If you have any school-related education or training that would lend a hand in working a grocery store, don't hesitate to put that in as well. For instance, if you're an honors student, or an athlete, or if you hold any positions in any clubs or organizations at school, that's worth mentioning (if relevant). Don't specify how much you want to be paid, and say you're able to work holidays, even if you plan on asking those days off. Those were big mistakes I made a long time ago.
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Your test scores are really good, but F's are going to be a problem. The bigger problem though is that you'll need letters of recommendation from teachers and your guidance counselor, all of whom presumably know about your attempt to cheat. I would apply to a state school in your home state. You're not likely to get into a good school with a history of cheating and you're not likely to get any merit scholarships with F's on your record, so you'll need something cheap. Your best chance may be to go to community college for 2 years, after which, colleges won't care nearly as much about your high school record.
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Your just lucky you didn't get expelled for doing that. You won't get into a top-school because your school will report what you did & the college will more than likely reject you because of that. Your ACT/SAT scores are good enough for a top school but your GPA will be terrible. Best thing that will come of this is that you go to a state university & if you don't like it then transfer to a private school if your grades are good enough.

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