Please help :(((((( dont know what to do. 10 points! kinda long but please ill answers yours if you answer?

Please help :(((((( dont know what to do. 10 points! kinda long but please ill answers yours if you answer? Topic: Drama business plan
July 16, 2019 / By Calanthia
Question: OKAY so i have been dating my bf for over 3 years. we are in highschool. we have our ups and downs a lot. and i will admit he tells me what i cant wear and who i cant talk to. we have broken up many times before but they only last 2 weeks and we always talked like we were going out. dumb. but when this school year started about a month and a half ago we broke up a lot like ever other week we were together or we werent. and during those time i learned to be more independent and stuff and learned more about myself. but i still loved him and would do anything for him. like if i were like yeah! ima do whatever i want now!! he would text me with a sad face or something and id be like no no no i need him! he is disrecpectful to me sometimes like if i wore a shirt during the day that he saw me in then later on after not seeing him we go out to eat together and he will be like you are still wearing that shirt??? and he hates that im shy and he always makes me go clean my house even when he is not coming over. it makes me sad that i drop all my plans and everything for him. and here is where the BIG drama kicks in... my mom is dating this guy for the past 6 months or so i dont support their relationship because after 2 months of him knowing her he proposed to her??? and he just got divorced from his 2nd wife... but anyways my bf cannot stand the fact my mom dates him. especially because my mom goes and sleeps over at his house while i stay home by myself. but im fine!! and he throws fits about it! and he said if she ever marrys him he will leave me. its not fair and im terrfied if he finds out that my mom might be going to court to marry him monday : (( she says he wont move in with us it will be how its always been but idk........... i figure if things stay the same whats the point in telling him?? THEN okay he has gotten a little better on how he treats me this week and actually tried to show that he is lovey dovey with me... but today he and his sister called and were like hey can we drop by?? and im like uhhhhhhhhh i guess [i was stressed because he had tolled me to clean earlier that day but i didnt wanna so i lied] so they came in and i was hoping that the house looked good enough for him [IT WASNT EVEN BAD] but anyways i gave him a cupcake and there was a lot of icing on it and dropped a tiny on the cement outside and said im sure your mom wont mind anyways! and his sis is always saying THATS SO DISRECPECTFUL to him when hes around me so thats what she said. then he got icing on him and i kept saying umm you got a little on your lip and he was like INSTEAD OF JUST STARRING AT IT GO GET ME A NAPKIN.. then he saw my mom leave to go to her bfs and he got in the car and said mannnnn F THIS SHIIIIT and stuff and drove off. i went in my house and suddenly reacted and sent him a text saying "since you cant respect me, my house, or family i dont think we should be together" right when i sent it he called and apologized for how he acted and ask me out to dinner with his family BUT THENNNNN he was like wait i got a text [silence] i was sooooooo sad and wish i didnt send it. i still went out to dinner but he was like dont talk to me about getting back together!!!!! and was saying a lot of mean stuff and i was like i reacted without thinking about it when i sent the text but then he was like man i want a girl who doesnt do this and that!!! blah blah blah. i feel really guilty because i do love him but i also hate how he treats me sometimes but MOST OF ALL i feel sooo mad because when he actually did show affection towards me this week i was really happy but now i blew it and now my mom might be getting married and its a mess! PLEASE PLEASE HELP i know this is soo long but idk............. : (
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Best Answers: Please help :(((((( dont know what to do. 10 points! kinda long but please ill answers yours if you answer?

Alyce Alyce | 2 days ago
Why the hell does he care what your Mom does? It's none of his business! Seriously, this guy sounds like a real psycho and you're better off without him! Why would you waste your time on a guy who treats you that way? If you continue to let him disrespect you, his behavior WILL get worse. One day, he might decide to hit you. You only have one thing in this world and that's your dignity. Don't let him take that away from you. Be strong, and tell him like it is. There are plenty of other guys out there that wont put you through all the headaches and drama that this boy is putting you through. Also, don't EVER let a man control who you talk to, or what you wear! You are your own person and he's not the boss of you. You didn't "blow it" sweetie, he did.
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Alyce Originally Answered: Kinda confusing. best answer 10 points?
Well, considering you don't know his number for sure, everything might just be a misunderstanding. As for the Myspace thing....that's not really reliable. There are multiple people with the same names, and there's always a chance you've got the wrong one. Just talk to him next time you see him. Tell him you simply lost his number and wanted to try calling him again. If it turns out he's lying or something, then screw it. You can find someone better who's just right for you (:

Vern Vern
Sweetie he doesn't sound like he is a good boyfriend and this doesn't sound like this is a good relationship. Overall it doesn't seem like he has treated you well, he is very manipulating and controlling. Wait awhile, don't get back together. Give each other a break for longer than two weeks, maybe being apart is best for you all. You may love each other but you're not good together. You are right, he doesn't respect you, your house, or your family. It is okay that he gets upset with your mom dating but he shouldn't be getting mad and driving off he should be staying there with you and cuddling with you and telling you everything is going to be okay in the end. It is good that he realizes what he has done was wrong and he apologizes for it but you can't deal with that for the rest of your life. I mean its like he breaks your arm on purpose and then apologizes? You just don't do something knowing that your doing it on purpose and then apologize and then do it again the next day. He may have been a good boyfriend in the beginning but he has changed into and over controlling boyfriend and emotionally abusive boyfriend. I think it is time for you to move on. Im sorry sweet heart ): I know it's hard I'm in high school too and I was with a guy who I loved but I knew I was better off without, he was a lot like your boyfriend. It was hard getting over him but now I'm with an amazing guy and we've been dating for a year (: He's my whole world. You will find that guy again. Trust me (: I did. I hope I helped, good luck sweetie!
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Ronny Ronny
You need to move on. He is controlling you and obviously doesn't care about what you think. Really, everything in your question point toward, you moving on. Start over. Live your life for you, not him. Hope this helps, I know it will be hard, but you will look back and be thankful. I promise.
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Moise Moise
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Kasper Kasper
First, break up with your bf. You're falling into an abusive relationship. Second, your mom can get married if she wants.
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Kasper Originally Answered: Math help.Home work help.I dont get it. 10 points to first one who answers all of them. Thank you?
You are posting in the wrong category. If you post this in math or homework you will get good answers.

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