Ethically speaking, what's the difference between eating a dog and eating a pig?

Ethically speaking, what's the difference between eating a dog and eating a pig? Topic: Our food your questions case study
July 24, 2019 / By Caleigh
Question: Or between eating a cat and eating a bunny? Basically, in ethical and logical terms, what justification is there to consider some animals food and others pets or simply non-food? What credibility is there to an Animal Welfare Act that allows atrocities to be commited against cows, pigs, chickens and so many more that would be considered criminal and barbaric if commited against cats or dogs? So, michelle, according to you, the definition of pet is an animal that is sold at a pet store...? OK. And that is relevant to this question how? Or are you trying to say that only those animals deserve ethical consideration? I bet you're not even aware that when you buy animals from a pet store you're more often than not actually supporting the suffering of countless dogs and other animals you cherish because they're considered pets. I bet you have no idea what goes on in puppy mills, or even what they are! Really, if you're just commenting to show your ignorance, why bother? I should add that it's a confirmed fact that pigs are actually smarter than dogs. Chickens are also quite intelligent too, as several studies have prooved. And as for the cuddliness... what about bunnies? I can't think of many cuddlier animals. Not that it could be considered an objective criteria anyway, but just for the ones who see things like that.
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Alycia Alycia | 3 days ago
There is no difference. I notice many people are saying its a cultural difference, they are not answering your question. Maybe they don't want to think about it too much in case thier moral fabric collapses. people create a shield and try to pretend that somehow farm animals are not the same. Its just a defensive strategy to hide from all the pain, torture, abuse and death that meat-eaters pay for. If people really accepted the truth about animals they would stop eating them. Unfortunately, modern farming allows people to keep away from the screams. We have pet cows, sheep and chickens on our land and you can be quite sure that they have character, feelings, thought, suffer pain, enjoy playing, enjoy companionship.... I do thing its rather strange that because they are too big to be in a house as a pet that somehow humans value these animals lives less - it seems a bit of a random reason to me.
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Verne Verne
Ethics in this case is personal ,you say "atrocities" against cows chickens etc.If someone would prefer to eat dogs and cats do so in a manner that does not differ than the existing practises used for harvesting beef or chicken in doing that you have not eaten pets you have eaten livestock and the only justification you need is that you prefered the taste.The fact of the matter is that most meat is potential food and eating meat is primal i would tend to think that beef and chicken was originally eaten because of the amount meat on cattle and the ease of catching chicken and then as time progressed farming them and other so called food animals and then it just becomes common place and widely accepted but it is only ignorant people that cant justify any meat as potential food Even if it barks or is very cute
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Rorie Rorie
Ethically, no difference at all. The only justification is social acceptance in your community (however large that is). On a global scale, in order not to offend anyone, we would not eat cat, dog, cow, horse, pig or in fact most animals. On a global scale cat, dog, cow, horse and pig (and more) are all eaten and accepted (albeit only locally in some cases) as legitimate food sources. Atrocity against man or beast should be discouraged at all levels.
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Montague Montague
There are some nutritional differences, i.e., like eating steak instead of chicken. But, It comes down to a matter of culture chief. In the US, we view cats and dogs as extended family, hence it makes it more difficult to buy a rump roast dog or cat. Eating rabbits are not as bad because they are not common housepets, but, they are perceived as cute animals and have been infused into popular culture (bugs bunny) and are rarely found in any grocery store in the U.S. It comes down to culture.
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Kassidy Kassidy
Technically speaking laws are written from a bias... if you start from the beginning you can assign all animals equal rights and protection from killings. But you also have to look at the fact that, politics and ethics aside, we are biological ominovores and we choose different animals, by culture, to eat. You cannot legislate vegan diet to all the world's populations. You can, however, legislate kinder means of killing for food consumption.
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