Where to buy a quality gun?

Where to buy a quality gun? Topic: Atlanta research marketing
June 17, 2019 / By Callidora
Question: Ok so with the new Obama/UN gun ban I'm in the market for some guns I already have a Glock 17 and absolutely love it but now I want to buy a more assault based rifle such as an AR-15/ M4/ whatever but I don't know much about guns and don't know a type/brand or where to buy it. So basically I want to know a good website/store in the Atlanta area to buy guns from and I will also take a specific weapon suggestions ban was improper wording but Obama DID sign the a policy/treaty/agreement just something that goes on a damn piece of paper that is working toward the further regulation of guns. Anyways that's not important I just want a nice gun. this treaty aside no one in there right mind can deny that in the coming years it will become harder and harder to buy guns other than hunting rifles(which unless this nation get really F'ed up will remain protected by our constitution) guys please cut the bs I just want a good gun/gun store/gun website suggestion this was not made to be a political question
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Alyse Alyse | 6 days ago
The gas impingement AR-15 has it's drawbacks it is not as reliable as piston operated ARs or gas piston guns like the FN FNC or the AK-47. The 223 and the 5.56 also have their drawbacks they are not very good at penetrating barriers unless you have armor piercing ammo. The 7.62x39 fired from the AK and other guns including the AR-15 is very good at penetrating barriers such as cinderblocks and trees ,because it is not moving as fast as the 5.56 and as a result does not tumble when it hits which is why it can go through a tree no problem and still kill the person on the other side. Remember the 7.62x39 is probably not needed for most home defense situations if that is what you are trying to use it for since the round could go through someone and then through a wall and kill your neighbor. Daniel defense is a good website to buy from. A good store is up for you to decide ,but look around at bass pro ,and other gun stores that sell them even some Walmart's sell guns. Gunbroker is good site to buy ,but be weary of being ripped off fire the gun ,and make sure it is as the seller promised it would be before keeping it and not thinking twice about suing or returning the gun. To spite what people say about the AK it is a excellent weapon in 5.45x39 or 7.62x39 depending on which manufacturer makes it. I would avoid century arms though even though most people say they have made their guns better I would not trust them. Arsenal AKs made in Bulgaria are very good quality. The best AKs that I have seen are the East German ones and the Russian Ones. Make sure you do your research before buying any particular brand of AK. Saiga makes a good ak ,but make sure the importer is not century arms. Remember I am saying that century arms could have improved by now ,but be weary of them. The FN FNC is a good gun it is ergonomic and reliable ,but parts are not as easy to come by as AR parts or AK parts. There are several other assault type rifles out there including the SIG-556 which is a very good choice ,but be weary there reports of problems on the SIG-556 ,but from what I have heard the second generation ones have the problems fixed. The FN SCAR is a good weapon too ,but just see if the shop you go to has a shooting range which some do then test the gun you want to buy out on the range. If you are talking about the UN arms trade treaty then yes he probably is trying to sign a agreement or something along those lines. ***** sporting goods might have them in stock. If you pay for a gun online it has to shipped to a FFL dealer where it can be picked up and a background check can be run on you.
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Alyse Originally Answered: Good quality BB gun in UK?
Go to Actionhobbys.co.uk (not a typo - it's actually spelt 'hobbys' instead of 'hobbies') - they have a great selection of guns and their shipping is pretty snappy to boot. However, bear in mind that you will need a license to buy non-2-Tone guns (insane I know, but that's the kind of country we live in). If you can, buy either a CYMA or JG (the brands you are likely to encounter in your pricerange) - more obscure brands cannot be trusted to make a quality product. To be honest though, you would be better off spending £40 more in order to buy a superior weapon which will last you a long time (e.g. JG G36C or M4). Do some research before buying - plenty of reviews are available on YouTube.

Vic Vic
Norinco (Chinese) makes the best AK-47. Backpage.com & Armslist.com are probably the best sites as they're as local as you want to go. Gun shows are always good for everything but ain't necessarily a bargain, and you do background checks usually. Guntrader gunfinder, etc are ok if you can,again find someone at a driving distance. If you have to ship a gun, you run the scam risk, pay the money & don't get the gun. but even assuming an honest seller, there is the $35-$45 shipping charge + ~$35 (where I live) trandfer and background check because the firearms can only be mailed to a FFL dealer. Which jacks up the price $70 bucks. And is, again, a background check if that concerns you. Sometimes pawn shops will cut you a deal, but usually they're just above the top end of what the rifle is really worth.
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Ross Ross
Any gun store. There is no Obama/UN gun ban. Only people with serious reading comprehension issues believe there is. The Arms Trade Treaty obligates member states to monitor arms exports and ensure that weapons don't cross existing arms embargoes or end up being used for human-rights abuses, including terrorism. Member states, with the assistance of the U.N., will put into place enforceable, standardized arms import and export regulations (much like those that already exist in the U.S.) and be expected to track the destination of exports to ensure they don't end up in the wrong hands. Ideally, that means limiting the inflow of deadly weapons into places like Syria.
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Montmorency Montmorency
Try your local pawnshop usually people sell good guns when they don't have no money. You can also go to cabelas they will probably have something for you.
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