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July 21, 2019 / By Callie
Question: Hey Ladies-should I do this or not? So, there's the girl that I go to college with. Me and her are best friends. She is 21 and absolutely gorgeous! I am 19 (turning 20 on mar. 15)and big and fat lol. But for some reason we have soooo much in common and get along really well. Neither of us has ever been in a relationship before (yeah I know it's weird-especially for her because she is so darn pretty). Anyways I've really started to like her as more than a friend and I need to tell her. Honestly she'll probably say no, but I've gotta ask-ya know what I mean. Anyways, my biggest concern is losing her friendship. What would be the best way to talk to her about this? Should I have a face to face talk with her-or should I write her a note? The note that I've written is below the dashed line for you to read if you want-but you don't have to if you prefer not to. Which would be better for our friendship's sake? Which would be more romantic? Please tell me the pros and cons of each option and let me know which one you would choose and why. Oh-and my and a bunch of friends are gonna hang out later this week for my bday-what if I gave her the letter after hanging out then? Thanks! ----------------------------------- Hey there. You know, you really are one of my favorite people and I really enjoy the time that we spend together. You make my day, and I think that it’s safe to say that you’re my best friend. I really cherish the friendship that we have and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! But, I need to get something of my chest. Do you remember a couple of weeks ago-when we asked each other what our first impression of each other was? Well, I wasn’t entirely truthful. If you remember, I said that I noticed that you dress conservatively and that I thought that it meant that you respect yourself. Well, that’s true but there’s more. You see, the first time I saw you I thought that you were the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever laid my eyes upon. I fell for you instantly. But, I kind of (before I really knew you) lumped you into a category with just about every other pretty girl that I’ve met, I thought that you wouldn't have even persue a friendship with me. Please remember that at this point I didn’t even know your name! It wasn’t until we had a class together that I realized how wonderful of a person you are: kind, caring, gentle, smart, funny, fun to be around and of course I still think that you’re the prettiest girl that I’ve ever met. I have to be forthright: I do have feelings for you beyond our wonderful friendship. We have so much in common-it’s weird! But it’s also good. I think that I should also mention that the few times that we have hung out I haven’t thought of it as anything more than just hangin’ out. I guess that what I’m trying to tell you is that I know how I feel-but I don’t know if you feel the same. If you do, then that’s great-lets go out on a few dates and see how it goes! If not, it’s okay. I really hope that we can still be great friends because I wouldn’t trade our friendship in for anything! I just feel like I need to tell you this because I’d be a fool to pass up an opportunity that could be something wonderful. Please forgive me for writing this rather than telling you in person. I felt that this would be a low pressure way (for the both of us) for me to just tell you this. I don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. Please let me know if this is a mutual feeling. If it’s not, like I said-it’s okay. Just pretend that you never even saw this. And most importantly, let’s still be friends-I promise that I can move on.
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Alysha Alysha | 7 days ago
hang out with her more as a close friend, get to the holding hands and snuggling close part see where that leads. If that leads somewhere good, keep doing it until she may want more or is getting uncomfortable with it. BTW, Happy 20th Birthday!
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Alysha Originally Answered: Why is it that girls don't like me at all? (I need a girls help since guys have no good advice most of time)?
First of all I'm the same way. Second of all even though I'm a guy my adivce isn't useless. Most guys are retards who never mature past middle shcool. Have you ever heard the term "nice guys finish last"? I'm sure you can tell what it means and this seems to be the case for you. You need self confidence. You need to be funny and make a girl laugh, but at the same time not look like an immature jackass. If this is not you, your going to have one hell of a time around chicks. But when it comes down to it just be yourself. The right person will come. Some chick will see you for who you really are, and she will love you for it. This will be far better then any relationship with some random chick who will use you because you are so nice.

Vick Vick
I'm not sure, does this mean you've come out of the closet? Because if you have I think you should tell her and see her reaction because even if she says she doesn't feel the same way you'll feel better. But if you don't know about your sexuality, see how you feel about other girls first and then if you still can't stop thinking about her in that way then you should tell her anyway. Just tell her. But not in a note. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee don't do it in a note, it'll just make things more awqward when you next see each other. Do it face to face. Hope this helps!
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Rowan Rowan
I honestly can't tell you how she would react, or which way is better. Most girls like it when guys are straightforward and just say their feelings face to face, but it can be hard. For me when boys that I didn't have feelings for but was friends with did this face to face it made it awkward and hard to stay friends afterward. I felt bad, and they felt embarrassed. So, I guess it just depends on your girl, do you think she would respect you more face to face, or it would be easier in a note? Well, it also depends on how comfortable you are, and which you prefer. The note you wrote to her is really sweet, and she's lucky to have a friend like you! (and possibly more) haha good luck!
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Monty Monty
Just wait and do not give her that note , its a great note but you need to tell her face to face. If you really don't want to take the risk of your friendship then don't do it just yet. Wait for awhile so when you do tell her she won't be all we-just-met on you! I hope you and her work things out!
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I personally think that would be a little weird if i let someone see my phone and they just put their number in it. Especially if i didn't know them too well. I would say go ahead and add her on facebook but wait for the phone number thing. Or an alternative would be just asking her for her number so you guys can contact each other for class stuff or homework help. ?

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