Why do we allow kids to play with toy guns?

Why do we allow kids to play with toy guns? Topic: Role playing for problem solving
July 19, 2019 / By Caltha
Question: We have enough kids killing kids and crimes like this, so why do they make toy guns for kids? Happy mommy - Take away the violence; keep the sex and nudity.
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Alysia Alysia | 8 days ago
As another post said toy guns do not kill people! Nor do they encourage children to kill as millions of children play with them and do not go on to commit murder. You cannot blame toy guns as the reason a few kill, it is like saying playing with dolls and playing mommy at a young age encourages teen pregnancy, it is placing blame when we do not have an answer! I think parenting is a factor behind a lot of the problems we see in today's society, or rather lack thereof. Parents play a key role in child development, social skills, problem solving, morals and self esteem (just to name a few) and when we as parents fail in any of these area's we get children that are unprepared for real life and more often then not do not make the right choices in life. We as parents need to take some responsibility in our children's errors rather then blame the behavior on a toy. The biggest problem with real guns is how assessable they are to children not that when they were 7 they played with a toy gun! If your theory were correct then we should ban children from watching t.v , movies and the radio as it portrays violence and sex!
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Victor Victor
Toy makers , make, what the parent will buy. But in modern culture, anything can be a toy gun,ie a stick ,a pen.etc.. Kids will play guns if they have them or not. They are influenced by what they see on TV, movies etc. Even the cartoons have guns.
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Rowland Rowland
The problem isn't toy guns, or real guns. It's people like you telling children guns are bad, and not educating them about gun safety. Your attitude creates an enormous amount of curiosity. That curiosity is what gets kids killed. Well, that and the ignorance. I grew up in a pro-gun household, my parents both went hunting. My first hunting trip consisted of me carrying a bb gun for a walk around the pond "hunting rabbits" at age 4. I learned from an early age, I didn't have to sneak around. If I had a question, my father was more than happy to answer it. As a result, I never touched a gun behind his back. My best friend, grew up in an anti-gun household. As a result, anytime we were left alone at my house, she pestered me to show her my dad's guns. Thankfully, thanks to my gun education I had enough common sense not to do so. And even if there weren't toy guns, as others have said, kids would still create pretend guns out of other things. Building blocks, sticks, etc. Face it, humans are a naturally violent species. It's society that eventually drums that out of us... or not.
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Mordecai Mordecai
If you had a brain, you'd realize that guns don't shoot by themselves or load themselves on their own or even point at people on their own. It's the people behind the guns. Teach your kids how to properly handle a gun (when they come of age to handle a real gun) and practice gun safety with the toy guns. And more importantly, teach your children violence doesn't solve a thing. Guns are used for more than just crimes. Hunting and sport are two of my favorite uses for them. Plus, toy guns are fun :) My son plays cowboys all the time.
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Keaton Keaton
Toy guns don't cause violence. People cause violence. I am a female and I play GTA sometimes. I watch any and all movies. I am a police explorer. I have seen violence to the worst extent but I am not a violent person. My mom didn't let me or my brother even play with water guns when we were little. Now, my brother has airsoft, paintball, water guns. There has been no negative effect.
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Heber Heber
It's not toy guns that are the problem, it's real guns. Thankfully I live in a country where it's illegal for people to own one (except in rare cases where the person has a special gun licence). Kids have played with toy guns, swords, knives etc for years and years. If you didn't give these kind of toys to your kids, they'd still play the same kind of make believe games, only using things they find outside, such as bits of wood, branches, bits of old metal etc (which could actually be dangerous, unlike the toys). I don't believe in violence at all, and that's how I've brought up my son. Yet he still plays violent video games, watches violent movies etc, and played with toy weapons when he was younger. I believe that inflicting violence on a child (even by raising your hand and smacking them), can teach them it's ok, but most intelligent children can differentiate between what's real and what's fantasy.
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Eliot Eliot
I have news for kids will create weapon out of anything. I have two cousins who did not have any guns when they were young yet they still created weapons. Another thing kids killing kids is a recent thing. For many years children especially young boys were allowed to play with guns. Go on ask your father, uncles, grandfather, I just bet they had guns. However there were no killing of kids. Why??? Because parent taught responsibility. They were told not aim or shoot at people.
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