My name, Opal in Arabic?

My name, Opal in Arabic? Topic: How to write arabic alphabet letters
June 27, 2019 / By Camilla
Question: How would write/pronouncer my name, "Opal" in Arabic? Thanks! :) could you put the pronunciation in English?
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Alyx Alyx | 2 days ago
The sound P doesn't exist in Arabic. In phonetic transcription, it's usually substituted by the sound B = ب So in arabic, Opal is written أوبال, and spelt Obal. But, in Farsi, the sound P exist and is written پ. All the Arabic-speaking people knows it even if this letter doesn't exist in Arabic's alphabet, and it's sometimes used in Arabic to transcript the sound P. So for a correct pronunciation, and especially to avoid confusion, I prefer using پ (P) instead of ب (B). So Opal will be written أوپال
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