What do you think about the amount of supplies avaliable for your pubblic school (in California) to use?

What do you think about the amount of supplies avaliable for your pubblic school (in California) to use? Topic: School homework for kindergarteners
July 24, 2019 / By Camille
Question: Does your school have enough soap/ paper towelesdesks/ chairs/ P.E. supplies/ in good enough condition for all of it's students? Please tell me about the situation at your school. (I'm doing a homework project on this) Please include what grade you are in and what state your school is in! Thank you!
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Best Answers: What do you think about the amount of supplies avaliable for your pubblic school (in California) to use?

Amabel Amabel | 3 days ago
I'm a Kindergarten teacher in Washington State. I've worked at two schools. The first one I worked at we were struggling for supplies. I watched over our Kleenex very closely and made sure that my Kindergarteners were only using them for real runny noses (and not just to play with the Kleenex.) We did ok with soap, paper towels, desks, chairs, etc. But if my students didn't have crayons, glue sticks, etc, there were no supplies to replace them with. I used to go crazy at the beginning of the school year buying supplies for my students. I would spend at least $200 out of my pocket for my students' supplies. But then again, I was at a poorer school. The school I am at now is a lot better about supplies. The school supplies all the Kindergarteners' supplies such as crayons, and I get many things that I wouldn't have gotten at my other school. This is mostly because our PTA can support us a little better because there is more parental support. Hope that helps ;)
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Vortigern Vortigern
Well my school was in Columbus, NJ (Northern Burlington Regional) and they definitely had enough supplies for everybody. You'd get the stingy who'd say that paper was low, but no limitations were ever set. Soap? Never an issue I don't remember. Desks and the PE were in good condition. Nothing broken that I remember. I just graduated class of 2007. Nope, no problems. But that's what $15,000ps would do for a school
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Royce Royce
I'm a mom to a 1st grader who attends public school in Southern California. I'm extremely happy with our school and school district as a whole. Yes, we have all the needed items (in awesome condition) to accommodate all students. Our school is clean and well kept. The schools in my district do not struggle for supplies. We have many fund raisers a year and most importantly, parents are very involved in the school and their children's education.
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Moriarty Moriarty
Well CA and i really think my school is WHACK but it doesnt have enuff pe supplies its needs new desks and the whiteboards dont erase they have to use water and the paper towels are good but they need female vending machines in the restrooms
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