What do you need for a pac-man frog?

What do you need for a pac-man frog? Topic: A research submarine has a
July 21, 2019 / By Candi
Question: I'm doing research,but I need to know this. This is the stuff i have- 10 gallon tank with screen top water dish "cave" a plastic plant that "sticks" itself to the side of the cage(like at the top) If you can tell me what to put as the bedding what i should keep out when i have the frog what i should add to the cage if it can use a heat pad only if at all and how big they get If you can tell me this your my savior can adults go in a 10 gallon?
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Amanda Amanda | 7 days ago
First get a 10 gallon for a juvenile or sub adult or get a 20 gallon for a full grown adult. The cage should be of a good size if possible because these animals are not arboreal. You could also just start out with a 20 gallon too. But if you want, you can get a cage as big as you want because the bigger the better. The reason the full grown adult should be in a 20 gallon or more is because if they live in a small environment it can stress them out. Then, from the stress they can die...Now put on a heat pad so that during the night the frog tank can stays at the right temperature. The heat pad should be put at the bottom of the cage on the outside so when it is burrowing, the pacman doesn't burn itself...You should get a background that covers the back and both sides of the cage. The reason for getting the background is, it makes the animal feel more enclosed and feel like it's in the natural environment if you get a background that looks like a rain forest. Another boost to the background is it makes the cage seem more appealing to our eyes as well. Always put the background on the outside of the cage...You should put in two inches of some substrate. The substrate should be coco fiber or coco husk. These are also known as echo earth or bed a beast. You shouldn't use stones or moss because it may cause impaction that could kill your pacman and you wouldn't want that. This substrate is cheap but needs to be changed monthly and sprayed twice a day...Put in a water dish. The water dish should be big enough for your frog to fit in and move around and still have space. Make sure the dish is shallow because these animals are not very good swimmers and can drown. Make it shallow so your pacman can get in and out of the water dish easily. Dig and put it down into the substrate but make sure the substrate is staying out of the dish. Make sure the water dish doesn't take up too much space though. Remember that frog don't drink like dogs, they absorb it through their skin...Now put some unchlorinated water in the water dish and make sure you don't fill it up to high or your frog can drown. The water has to be unchlorinated or the parasites in tap water can kill your pacman frog. You can use tap water though if you have some water conditioner meant for reptiles, this water conditioner breaks down the parasites that can kill your frog. Water conditioner can be found at a local pet store...Put in a hiding place for your frog. This hiding place helps the frog because the frog has a place to get out of the light if it wants to. It also lives in the tank. Know this is when most people make a mistake, they buy something that isn't big enough for the frog to fit in and just waste money. Another one of the mistakes people tend to do will be to go outside and find things to put in the tank as hiding places but you can only do that if you put the thing into boiling water and put it in the oven at three fifty for thirty minutes...Put in some fake plants. These fake plants add effects to the cage and also creates more places for the pacman to hide and makes the cage look nicer. You shouldn't use real plants because they don't last that long and some are poisonous to the pacman and can cause your pacman to die...After all this is done make sure the pacman frog still as enough safe to move around in and it doesn't seem too small that it could stress out the frog...Put in a thermometer so you will know how hot it is in the cage and know if it the right temperature for the pacman...11Put in a hydrometer to check the humidity and to see if it is humid enough for the pacman...Close the cage and Put on a heat lamp so you can get the temperature to rise in the cage if you need it too. the temperature should be about 80 degrees Fahrenheit. hope this helps GOD BLESS you and your family and the frogy too
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Wallace Wallace
Bedding should be something that retains moisture, either a soil or a frog moss. Frog moss smells terrible by the way, so don't go with it if you don't want the room to stink. You'll probably want a thermometer and a hygrometer (measures humidity), and you want to mist the tank every day. Humidity should be around 60%. If you put your hygrometer at the top and it reads 60%, chances are it's more like 70% at the bottom. Heat pad is a great idea; you want to maintain a temperature around 70 degrees Farenheit. They don't usually grow past 2 inches or so, but they get pretty fat.
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