Algebra exam tomorrow??

Algebra exam tomorrow?? Topic: Practice writing algebraic expressions
June 17, 2019 / By Candice
Question: Okay so I am 13 in 7th grade. Tomorrow I take a 2 hour test to determine whether i can get into 9th grade algebra in 8th grade. The exam is a fraction/decimal compency and an algebra readiness test. What is on algebra readiness tests. Any good tips for tomorrow??? Help would be Gregor appreciated. What should I need to know for tomorrow???? Thanks I am pretty good at math.
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Amaryllis Amaryllis | 8 days ago
Things you should know: BE confident with pre-Algebra skills know order of operations adding, subtracting, diving, multiplying, decimals and fractions reducing equations comparing inequalities solving equations and inequalities identify properties( associative, commutative, identity of addition and multiplication) find least common multiple find product find quotient write decimal as percent SIMPLIFICATION Here are some examples an algebra readiness test would have 1) Simplify 3 - 15 × 5 (x^3)^5 (7/24) - (15/90) Evaluate dp/ (d + p) for d = 9 and p = 2 To print tickets, a printer charges a $70 setup fee plus $1.25 per ticket. Write an algebraic expression for the cost of t tickets. What is the cost of 650 tickets? Justin wants to use 188 ft of fencing to fence off the greatest possible rectangular area for a garden. What dimensions should he use? What will be the area of the garden? Simplify expression 1 – 7(–3x + 2) Use the Distributive Property to multiply. 5(3m + 5) SOlve equation 6b = 18 w/3 = 18 –6 + 2x = –10 Solve the inequality. y /-6 > 10 Compare Fractions 2/3 ___ .2 These are just some examples. Click the link below to practice more problems: http://www2.hoover.k12.al.us/schools/rfb... Hope this helps!! Good LUCK
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Amaryllis Originally Answered: 2 8th grade Algebra Exam questions- Exam in 3 hours! PLEASE HELP?
1. You have change the form 3x - 5y = 10 into y = mx + b (m is your slope and b is your y-intercept is b). So, now all you have to do is play around with this equation given 3x = 10 + 5y 5y = 3x - 10 y = (10/5) + (3/5)x y = (3/5)x + 2 Now, m = (3/5) and b = 2 ....... There you go!! I think the mistake you are making is that you are not dividing both terms by 5 when it goes to the other side. 2. y-intercept = b = 5 Now, come up with an equation y = mx + b y = mx + 5 You know that when y = 0, x = 3, right? (x-intercept) 0 = m(-3) + 5 -3m = -5 m = 5/3 Your equations is then y = (5/3)x + 5 3. Regarding flipping signs, I found this example online. This might help you Question: I have a question about an inequality problem. Here it is: Solve and graph 5 - 3x => 17. (=> is greater than or equal). Please tell me why you flip the inequality sign when divinding by a negative number. Thanks. Sean Hi Sean, It has to do with the way we order the numbers. 20 is greater than 5, but -20 is less than -5. (20 degrees is warmer than 5 degrees but -20 degrees is colder than -5 degrees.) Using the inequality symbol 20 > 5 but -20 < -5 In the inequality above, when you multiply "20 > 5" on both sides by -1 (or divide by -1), the inequality changes direction. I hope this helps,
Amaryllis Originally Answered: 2 8th grade Algebra Exam questions- Exam in 3 hours! PLEASE HELP?
Rearranging 3x-5y=10: 5y=3x-10 y=(3/5)x -2 Standard form: y= mx+C where m is the gradient of the line and C is the y-intercept. So from the above rearrangement: y= (3/5)x -2, m=(3/5) which is the gradient of the line ie. slope of the line can? next. Standard eqn of a straight line: y= mx+c, where m is the gradient of the line and C is the y-intercept. So from the question, it is given that y-intercept is 5 therefore C=5. To get the gradient of a slope, it is always the value of Y divided by the value of x, therefore m, which is the gradient of the line, will be (5/3) So right now, substituting the values you have into the standard eqn, you have: y=(3/5)x + 5! (: When working with inequalities, you flip the sign when you are adding or removing negative signs Example: -4< 5 will be changed to 4> -5 Also flip the sign when you multiply both sides by exponential log Example: 4<5 will be changed to ln4> ln 5 Reason can be deduce when you plot Y= ln X (: I dont know why im doing this when i have a paper in 12 hours' time >< but cool, good luck with math!
Amaryllis Originally Answered: 2 8th grade Algebra Exam questions- Exam in 3 hours! PLEASE HELP?
I got suspended so I'm no longer in class, now I'm doing 6th grade work. But I do remember how to do these. I'll do my best. 1. 3x-5y=10, I'll change it to my format. y=5/3x+10. All you really have to do with the 10 is add it to your line. Rise/Run is what I learned, which means you go up or down on your grid (y axis) before you go left or right on your grid (x axis). 2. Your answer was right, y=5/3x+5. 3. You only flip it when you are multiplying or dividing in an equation with a negative number on the second to last step.

Wallis Wallis
Um...review a lot of equation stuff like x+8=9 (but harder equations). There will probably be a lot of those. Good luck on your test!:)
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Wallis Originally Answered: I have an exam tomorrow and I'm really panicking.?
Okay, I know how you feel. I used to have a lot of trouble with exams but I can tell you the worst thing you can do is cram for an exam and worry about it. Do not be upset and do not cry. Seriously, cramming is really the worst thing. Also getting upset makes you do worse. You've probably revised enough and are just panicking, if not then I recommend doing five to ten minutes every hour by maybe just answering a few science questions. However, you may go into the exam and think I don't know any of this and panic, but I can tell you the grade boundaries for Science aren't half as high as people think. A practice paper I did for one unit was out of thirty one marks, twenty one marks and above was an A*. So really, you'll be fine. If you're worried - good! It shows you care. They very rarely will move people in GCSE levels for getting one not so good grade, they just don't like to mess about with people like that in the more serious years. Now, I'm unsure whether resits are still allowed or whether they've changed it for Year 10s, I'd suggest just talking to your Science Teacher and asking them tomorrow. I do believe however, they do allow resits later, I THINK probably in Year 11 - so you'll get another year of revision. So just chill, watch your favourite programme or do something you like. Try and get a good night's sleep as well and drink plenty of water. Worrying won't help your score, it'll make it worse so don't bother. Good luck! :)
Wallis Originally Answered: I have an exam tomorrow and I'm really panicking.?
Stuff are different in different xountries. I'm on 11th grade in finland. We don't have such a test but all tests are re-duable. I'm sure they wouldn't kick you out! You don't think anyone else will fail it ^^?? Trust me atleast here we have people failing all kinds of tests all the time. .Now make sure you learn from this and start studying before next time!

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