I want 2 get good grades and all but i just don't like 2 do the home work that goes along with it. any suggest

I want 2 get good grades and all but i just don't like 2 do the home work that goes along with it. any suggest Topic: Making homework fun
July 16, 2019 / By Candyce
Question: i'm in 7th grade and the teachers are really giving us a lot of homework. i like school but i don't like home work. it is too boring. any ideas on how 2 make it more fun?
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Best Answers: I want 2 get good grades and all but i just don't like 2 do the home work that goes along with it. any suggest

Amelie Amelie | 2 days ago
Arrange study sessions with friends. I'm not suggesting you trade answers or do each other's work......but it can seem less tedious if someone else is "sharing the pain", so to speak. Even if you and a friend are just sitting at the same table together in the library, quietly doing your own work. Homework is a necessary part of education, and it gives you practice in the skills you are learning. Besides, the work ethic you acquire when you are young and in school will carry with you into your adult life. Jobs and career and family responsibilities all will ask of you things that are "boring" and not always fun or pleasant. Even as adults, we are often asked to do things we don't want to do. Responsible and successful adults do them anyway, just like responsible and successful students study, do their homework, take tests, follow rules........
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Walton Walton
You haven't had your first report card yet, have you? Once you've got a "bargaining chip", like an example of the good grades you want to get, then you can go to various teachers and negotiate about homework. (For example, if your English teacher wants you to write a paper about how you see your future, you could ask if you could do a more creative piece on how you imagine the future will be in 20 years and then let your imagination take flight. You could ask your math teacher if it'd be O.K. to do half or a third of the problems -- if they're all about the same method. Emphasize quality NOT quantity.) Unfortunately, some homework is probably necessary, especially if you're taking a foreign language (memorizing vocabulary, doing translations, etc.). Other courses require outside reading that just can't be covered in class time. Now that you're out of primary (elementary) school, teachers (and the system) are grooming you for higher education. In university or junior college or art or technical school, you'll be expected to do a lot of work in very short periods of time. Some of what you're supposed to be learning here is about discipline and self-regulation, organizing your time, working efficiently. If it's really, really boring, maybe you can look into an honors program or gifted classes (again using your good grades as proof that you're capable of doing a different level of work). Your school guidance counsellor should be able to help you there. Good luck!
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Russel Russel
If you are having trouble concentrating on schoolwork at home, join an after school study group, either at school, or form one with your friends. Working on homework with friends after school in the school library or at someone's house is a great way to make it mroe fun.
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Mosè Mosè
well, if don't do the homework, u obviously arn't gonna get a good grade. Some school work can actually be very interesting. try to look at it that way. besides, the sooner u get it done, the more time u have to do unboring activities. :P
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Kelsey Kelsey
Pay attention in class. Use your "extra time" at school to work on homework. Do homework while listening to your favorite music. Take short breaks often while doing homework.
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