The world now requires to have a new system, do u agree? Plz answer only after reading the full details?

The world now requires to have a new system, do u agree? Plz answer only after reading the full details? Topic: Problem solving system thinking about
July 21, 2019 / By Caprina
Question: Communism, Socialism has failed...Democracy proved its nothing but a "term" to abuse ppl by those who have the power.... What do u think, about Islam as a system? Well, Islam has its own economic system, Political system, Social system and others...and, we can see from the world history that Islam has ruled half of the world for 1400 years...and, the history is all about glory, the state was pioneer in Science, technology, astrology, medical (Any one can check)...people says Islam is back dated, where as, Islam is only 1400 years old, and Democracy is 3000 years old... in 1400 years of History, no can can say any where the state oppressed...where, in 200 years ruling of British colonialism, ppl were only sucked. And, practing era of Democracy we saw how the powerful nations oppressed and oppressing nations like, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kashmir... So what do u think, isnt Islam is the perfect system to rule man kind?? I.E - 1) Islamic system wasnt implemented in TALIBAAN Afghanistan...nor its being practicizing in Iran or Saudi Arabia..whts the real Islamic state is, plz check the history... 2) Islamic state never oppressed non-muslims...I can give reference. @ Laura - well, thats good. But, can it solve the other countries problems?? it's a man-made system, dont u think, men r limited to think? To predict the future problems? So, why not we take the system from the creator? and, Islam, where Allah said, its not a system only for Muslim, he mentioned, "The system is for Man-kind". So, cant we expect A system from creator is without any error? @Freedom Rocks - well, Islam is not a religion, its a system....pz check the world history, it rullled half of the world with this system.
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Amethyst Amethyst | 3 days ago
Socialism has not failed....what about Sweden? a country does not exist to solve the world's problems or issues. islam has very strong religious ideologies...where there is religion there is violence. we live in an intolerant religious world, changing the "system" will not change the world.
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While I may not totally agree with your analyzation as a whole, I do understand the thought process. I agree that people need to learn to be more flexible and less judgmental. Each has the God given right to exercise free will and choose for themselves that which they believe or what is right for them and to have those choices respected even if not agreed upon. You can always agree................ to disagree.

Ward Ward
Communism has never been tried. It's not true that socialism has failed -- it's still doing well in some mixed economy countries. Socialism is an economic system; democracy is a political system. They're quite compatible, as the most socialist countries are also democracies. Uh, what gives you the notion that democracy universally means oppression of the weak by the strong -- nothing could be further from the truth. Islam is a religion, which requires belief in false claims. It would be wrong to try to force everyone to accept lies as true, or to force everyone to live in accordance with the lies of just a few people. It's contrary to the basic notion of freedom. If all power is in the hands of absolute rulers, who base their rule on myths, on whatever they feel like saying is true, however false their "truths" are, this is a recipe for much worse oppression than any democracy. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. Add to this the draconian methods one would need to force everyone to accept a religion. Your description of what Islamic rule means is not universal. No, forcing everyone to accept the rule of people who say they know what their imaginary Sky Bully wants everyone to do is NOT a perfect system, but a nightmare. Uh, Saudi Arabia IS an Islamic state -- you're sying it isn't doesn't change reality. When you force everyone to accept and live according to any religion, you ARE oppressing people. More and more people realize there's no Sky Bully -- you can't turn back the clock on increasing wisdom and sanity in the world. Your belief in the Creator, Sky Bully, is delusion, not reality. Half the world? Not quite -- China, most of Europe, the Americas, the Pacific are all parts of the world. Much of Eurasia, and much of Africa, yes, half the world, no. Where did you get the idea Islam isn't a religion? It's based on the Sky Bully.
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Russell Russell
I question the premise that there needs to be a "world system" at all. The British imperial system was based on merchantalism ("(Any one can check") Yes Democracy is a a failure, that is why the US founding fathers instituted a Republic. The mistakes that the US has made has been when we abandoned the Republic and relied on Democratic and Socialist principals. You seem to assert that "The Islamic system doesn't oppress people therefore if a nation's government is oppressive it is not Islamic" The very foundation of any government is coercive control: "To be GOVERNED is to be watched, inspected, spied upon, directed, law-driven, numbered, regulated, enrolled, indoctrinated, preached at, controlled, checked, estimated, valued, censured and commanded, by creatures who have neither the right nor the wisdom nor the virtue to do so." --Pierre J. Proudhon, General Idea of the Revolution in the 19th Century Do not look to any form of government for solutions.
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Moses Moses
Take a look at Islamic countries..take away the oil what have you got primitive existence, primitive laws, primitive people with primitive views. Ive just come back from egypt and death would be preferable to living there and Im not a christian having a dig at muslims Im a man reeling in horror at your negative suggestion
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Kelvin Kelvin
I agree with Paulcous....in all my experiences in ME culture, religion and tribal mindset, I'd prefer death to that barbary. There is little to recommend it (other than the food, music and textiles). But any system that prohibits questioning, freedom of thought and action is evil.
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