I have a phobia of talking on the phone.?

I have a phobia of talking on the phone.? Topic: How to write a call out sick email
July 19, 2019 / By Cara
Question: It sounds stupid but it's very real. I feel physically sick..... There is someone wanting to talk to me about something and she's called me about 3 times today, and left a message each time, wanting me to get back to her. I can't do it. I type in her number and then I erase it. I am trying to concoct an email with some lame excuse about how my phone's speaker busted. But I can't bring myself to send it because I feel like it's obvious I'm lying and I don't want to hurt her feelings. Does anyone have any advice on how to overcome this? I can talk on the phone with my mom and people I'm really close to... Just a few people, but anyone else I get really freaked out.
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Ami Ami | 5 days ago
I used to have a HUGE issue with talking on the phone. I NEVER wanted to call people I didn't know, to schedule appointments, etc. I just felt so awkward...like...its so bizarre to speak to someone on the phone you don't know well.... But when I had to find a new barn for Shazam, I was forced to get over it. It just takes confidence. Just understand it's ---NORMAL--- to talk on the phone, and NO ONE ELSE will think it's weird talking to you on the other end. At all. It will get so much easier the more you do it. You just have to take that first plunge. Once you do that, every phone call afterward will get easier and easier. Feel free to blow up my phone if you want to practice, hahaha :p What I did the first time I called the owner of a prospective barn to board at was I pulled up the notepad on my laptop, and made little bullet points of the topics I wanted to cover with her. I wrote something like "Hello, my name is Jessica and I saw your ad on soandsowebsite, and I was wondering if you still had stalls available?"....."*ask about board rate*"....."*ask to set up a barn tour*". So when you decide to make the first phone call, make a list of what you need to cover in the conversation. It REALLY helps to have something else to focus on besides the voice on the other end. So while my eyes skim the topic I want to bring up, the voice is talking and I am listening, but it's not as awkward. I think it will help. After the first phone call I don't think you'll need a list anymore. Good luck :D
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Ami Originally Answered: I need help with talking on the phone in a long distance relationship?
I have been there done that. My wife(girlfriend) was in Minneapolis and I was in St. Louis. When we dated (2 years) the summers apart were hell. And I was such an insecure guy. I needed constant reassurance, which drove my wife (girlfriend) nuts. Looking back now, I wish I had just trusted in the love we had. I would have had so much more fun. Of course I've been making up for it all these years!!! YEEHAWWW! I then went to Germany for an semester and talk about a long distance bill YIKES. I talked so long at a Post Office phone that it shut off automatically after 200 DM (1985). The German Postal dude said that had never happened before! Here's the secret. Trust her and trust yourself. Don't let insecurities creep in. I have been married to my wife 19 years now and we spent months apart when were dating and yes it's hard. Lots of folks can't sustain long distance relationships. They are all about loving the one the are with. You sound like this relationship is important to you. So don't be afraid to keep it short and sweet on the phone. Let her know she rocks your world and that you are thinking about her. And write her letters and cards. These are really good, because it keeps here thinking about you and reading again and again all the good things you have to say about her. You don't always have to call. And when you do call remember to always keep the call positive. Make her feel good and look forward to the next time she hears your voice. If she loves you, that is all she needs. Good luck man.
Ami Originally Answered: I need help with talking on the phone in a long distance relationship?
I have been in a lond distance relationship for little over a year (kinda of a bad move for me)Because the time I wasted with him over the phone while he was cheating maybe I would have found a more truthful person by now.Anyways we always talked about daily happenings in each of us lives, we talked almost everynight.There must be other people like eg. kids that are up in the night that you can ask if they are ok and maybe talk to em to take up time.I don't think you can run out of things 2 say if so say goodnight.There are a lot of things I can't even name em now.She maybe a little shy when she is on the phone mention it to her and tell her she don't have to be so shy GOOD LUCK
Ami Originally Answered: I need help with talking on the phone in a long distance relationship?
First ... I don't think the success rate on long distance telephone based relationships is very high, but to help you out a little ... Don't talk about yourself. Talk about things that interest you. Talk about things you have seen or heard. Try to avoid the word "I". Talking about yourself or saying "I" over and over can give the appearance of being self-centered. If you catch yourself saying things that I've mentioned here, don't flub and fluster, just keep moving forward. Above all, do not try to be anything or anyone other than who and what you are. You want her to want you for you, not something you pretend to be. Also, if you have things in common or interested in some things talk about that. You can also try doing things that are interesting (you do not need to start skydiving, but it does make great conversation) to talk with her about later. You should base what you discuss with her on past conversations. It will show you are a good listener. Women LIKE a good listener. They want to know that the person they have been talking to was actually listening.

Warren Warren
I wouldn't recommend watching Law Abiding Citizen then.... I would just try to call it and don't hang up. Maybe you'll get her voice mail then you won't have to talk to her? Is there conflict between the two of you? I'd just call it or have somebody else call and when/if she answers have them hand the phone to you. Hope this helps! =) -Fresh--Paint-
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Warren Originally Answered: Girls: advice please! Found my boyfriends search history about hottest women while talking on the phone to him?
Are you completely sure that comment was from? Have you confronted him about this? I don't think it's right for him to be doing this. He has a girlfriend who I am sure is MUCH more beautiful than those women on that website. Why? Because those women are covered in make-up head to toe, have had plastic surgery, and even after all that, the pictures were photoshopped as well. NOBODY is flawless, my dear. I've found my boyfriend's search history before on his laptop like a year and a half ago, searching for, well, the obvious. I confronted him about this. At first he just got angry with me, then he started to feel terrible. He apologized deeply and said he only did it b/c he's not with me ALL the time. I barely forgave him, but I'm still with him to this very day. Your boyfriend loves you. So even if he really did write that, just realize that he loves YOU and not those complete stranger women. They're probably straight up b*tches in real life. My graphic design teacher showed us a video last week of a woman in a photoshoot. She comes in the video, looking all plain. They then speed up the video, showing all the work they had to do on her hair and makeup. And even after the picture was taken of her, the video showed the picture being photoshopped as well. They did drastic things like making her neck look longer, making her eyes look bigger. At the end of the video, it shows the photoshopped picture on a billboard. And says something like "No wonder our idea of beauty is so altered". I am MORE than sure that that was done to those photos as well. Also, your boyfriend is being attracted to FAKE.
Warren Originally Answered: Girls: advice please! Found my boyfriends search history about hottest women while talking on the phone to him?
Well, I don't blame you, I would probably be a bit annoyed if I constantly heard how attractive everyone else is. Especially if it IS someone real to him, like a student in his class... and I am pretty confident with myself. These things ust don't need to be said so often. I think if you talk to him about it you will come off as insecure and jealous, so the best thing to do is to play along and start telling him what male celebs (even people you know in real life) are hot. If he is okay with this, than that is just who he is as a person, and if you want to be with him you have to accept that or move on. If he isn't okay with it, than you can bring up your feelings about what he says.... Good luck!

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