What is wrong with me and should I get psychological help?

What is wrong with me and should I get psychological help? Topic: Pass case sensitive
July 16, 2019 / By Careen
Question: A friend of mine contacted me telling me that her Aunt and Uncle were in a motorcycle crash and have both passed away, I just ignored her because it seems like no one cares when something happens to me, her included. I'm kind of on the line when it comes to motorcycle crashes, half of the time it's the drivers own judgment and reckless driving that leads to their deaths and I'm wondering if it makes me a bad person for feeling like that. When she mentioned the crash, all I said was, "People driving in cars should pay more attention to avoid motorcycle wrecks, that's usually the case. I also believe that they should make it a law to wear a helmet, just like it's a law to wear a seat belt," she hasn't talked to me, so I'm not sure if she's mad or just upset with what happened, but I do feel bad for letting my beliefs stand in the way of having remorse for what happened to her. I hate that I feel this way, but it just feels like it comes natural after so much crap that my friends put me through.
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Amie Amie | 7 days ago
it's not just you that feels that way! most of us feel that to get on a motorcycle is a death wish. my mom had a friend in college who got their leg ripped off by a car when they were on a motorcycle. i'd never get on one. my dad has seen a lot of accidents involving them on his job also. you SHOULD have been more sensitive to the fact that two people that she loved died. don't beat yourself up about it though, because everyone makes mistakes and our brain doesn't always turn on before our mouth does.
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Amie Originally Answered: I need serious psychological help.?
lol i know someone exactly like you he likes horror movies has an ipod touch lies all the time its so stunningly similar,, is there a relation? Maybe you should stop watching horror movies first. Those have negative effects I imagine. Makes you violent or think nasty thoughts, and makes you numb to violence. It can also make you feel small, scared, or worthless. So stop watching that junk. I hate how there's always a screaming girl but she's usually stupid to fall into the monsters trap. She sees something weird and keeps going there. It's unrealistic and not fun, especially if you just watch alone. That's boring. And stop lying, it'll bite you in the butt later and make you feel guilty. Then find something nice to do. I mean, find out what you want to do in life. LIke kind of job you'll like to do. Do you like sitting in an office all day. Can you imagine that. Do you like standing at a counter all day. Do you like working outside? THink about it and narrow your options. Then from there you can find something you like to do like computer programming, photography, writing, etc. Then you wont be lost and might find something at school to like

Washington Washington
How would you feel if two people that were dear to you died in a motorcycle crash? Wouldn't you be sad and upset and want someone to lean on? I'm sure someone out there cares if something bad happens to you. I mean, God definitely cares. He's always there for you. Even if your friend hasn't cared about you, maybe it was a bit rude to say that because you don't know how the accident happened. It's a tragic thing to lose people. If she wasn't nice to you about things and you return the favor then that will get nowhere. If you care about your friend at all, you should be nice whether or not she's nice back. You could always end a friendship, but now is when she needs friends the most. My father works in the medical field and he has seen what happens to those who get hit by motorcycles and has had to transport a lot of them to other hospitals for further treatment and there have been quite a few that have died. In this town, there are so many senior citizens and rude, impatient people that are horrible drivers and hit motorcycles whether it's accidental or intentional. She's probably upset that you won't cope with her and said something like that. Sometimes the best thing is to say nothing at all and just let her text you or keep talking to you and say that you'll at least be a listening ear. If you show kindness to her, then maybe she'll show kindness to you in the future. Be careful on your choice of words when talking to someone who has recently lost loved ones, or just listen and not say anything at all. Sympathize with her loss and help her get through it if you can. EDIT: I'm also a person that doesn't care for motorcycles because my Dad freaked me out about them by telling me all the motorcycle related accidents he responds at work and that not a lot of them actually live. I have also known a few people who have gotten into motorcycle accidents and lost limbs from it and it's not cool. I wouldn't ever get on a motorcycle or let those in my family get on one if I could help it because there are so many drivers that don't watch out for motorcycles, and sometimes on motorcycles, some people tend to want to fly down that highway and not pay a whole lot of attention to surroundings. It's just that losing someone to a motorcycle accident isn't cool in the slightest.
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Ryley Ryley
That's just horrible. If you can't sympathize with your friend, at least fake it! Seriously what if someone you loved died unexpectedly?! Would you want your "friend" saying that it's your loved one's fault for not being careful? I don't think so! Stop making the problem about you, just give your friend the support she needs. You don't psychological help, you just need to learn to be a better friend. Also, if this friend supposedly treats you like crap; why are you still friends with her?
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Murdo Murdo
no needd for therapy, thats normal its actually no that big of a deal calm down are you like ten?
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Murdo Originally Answered: Is this psychological abuse?
He is psychologically abusing you. It is not normal behavior. Do you have anyone you can talk to? I would go to the school counselor. I have a very controlling and verbally abusive mother, and I suffer from HORRIBLE anxiety....hmmmm. Makes me wonder if there really is a link.

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