Please grade my SAT essay?

Please grade my SAT essay? Topic: Essay of my life examples
July 19, 2019 / By Carey
Question: Please grade my SAT essay on a scale of 1 to 6 pts. and give me feedback and tips. prompt: Are people unwise to pursue love even when they know it will cause them pain. I do not believe that people are unwise in pursuing love. It is better to have been loved than not be loved at all. Love is an important aspect of life. It is a powerful bond of closeness , trust, and understanding. Even though pain of loss is an unavoidable consequence of love, it should not stop us from being in love. Everything in life is followed by its opposite:if we have success, then we also have something to lose;if we have good morals, then they will be tested and challenged by corrupt forces. But these negative things should not be a reason to stop us from achieving our goals. This is what life is all about and even life itself will one day come to an end, but this should not be a reason to stop cherishing every moment of it. Taking an example from my uncle's life:he lost his wife as she died in a car crash. He loved her a lot. But after she was gone, he suffered from depression for a couple of months. But the times they had together were his most prized moments of his life. He was a very lucky man to have someone so wonderful in his life. They had a wonderful journey in life together. Now even though they are forever apart, my uncle can keep the thought of his wife in mind to gather courage and overcome difficulties in life. If you have never been loved you will feel unwanted and lonely. This in turn might result in loss of interest in other aspects of life. Love is a natural emotion that every living creature experiences. It will only be selfish and an act against way of life to deny the wonderful experience of closeness , peace, and happiness that everyone is meant to have.
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Amity Amity | 9 days ago
Overall it's well written and your ideas come through clearly. However, there are some sentence construction problems. For instance, you wrote "Taking an example from my uncle's life:he lost his wife as she died in a car crash" This sentence is repetitive, "he lost his wife as she died"....you basically wrote the same thing twice. I would have worded the sentence like this, "For example, my Uncle lost his wife in a car crash". It's a much shorter and more concise sentence, yet still coneys exactly the same meaning. Overall good essay. I would rate it a strong 4.5 or low 5.
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A good grade is an A or A-. For 'good enough', it depends on what you're going to do with those grades. If you're at a good school now and when you graduate you plan on working and earning money for the rest of your life, then your grades don't matter too much. Employers don't care about GPA. If you're planning on going to med school or law school, your grades will be supremely important. If you're going to go for a PhD, your grades will be somewhat important but there will be other factors like research experience that can override grades. The less prestigious your school is, the more important your GPA will be too.
Amity Originally Answered: What do you consider a good grade for an Essay or Exam?
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Watkin Watkin
I would give it a 9, but the people who score the SAT essays are harsh graders. You would probably get a 7, if it was a real exam. Try adding big words to the essay(use a thesaurus, if you need help). For example: You could say admonish, instead of warn. Melancholy, instead of sad. Ecstatic, instead of very happy. From my experience taking the SAT, they tend to give the people who use big words and who stick to the topic the highest grades. You were able to stay on topic. If you add some big words, you'll get a 10 or 11, on the SAT essay.
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Sage Sage
heya,i'll rate u 4 on the basis of explanation and example,try to complicate your writing skills in 3rd paragraph n i'll rate you 4.5 overall. Best of Luck :D
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