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Hows this for some Halloween Hi-Jinks? Topic: How to write an article computer science
June 27, 2019 / By Cari
Question: I just read an article called "Time Traveler" Caught on film? The article claims that some footage, from the 1920's shows what appears to be a woman talking on a cell-phone. This, 70 years before the device was invented, and about 60 years before the first "Star Trek" series suggested to the public that mobile communications was possible. (Remember the classic Communicator?) Upon review, of this article, I have to wonder which of the two following possibilities is closer to the truth. On one hand, people have been "faking" footage, since long before the current generations where even born. If a person has ever watched any Halloween specials, re-creations have shown how easy it was, way back before computerized imagery became fashionable, to create footage. Thanks to Computer Generated Imagery (C.G.I.), while I sit at this computer, composing my question, another person could, easily, create footage, showing that I am robbing a bank, on the West Coast, while more footage shows me raping a woman, on the East Coast, at the exact same second. Could this be the ansswer to the Charlie Chaplin Time Traveller footage? On the other hand, just because we do not officially have time travel capability, at this point, in the 21st century, can we say, for absolute FACT, that we will never have time travel, in the future? If the person, in the video footage, is, in fact, a traveller, from the future, can we say, for certain, that their device is not inter-dimensional? Many people say that, if we do not have time travel, warp speed, cloaking devices, tricorders, and communicators, right now, that we never will have such technologies, in the future? How many times were Orville, and Wilber, Wright told "If man were meant to fly, we would be born, with wings", or my personal favorite "To travel to the moon, and back, safely, is pure fantasy. Such foolishness should not even be spoken of, in polite society"
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Amy Amy | 10 days ago
I see and respectfully appreciate your hope this quite odd piece of film MAY be authentic and a mystery in it's own right--given our scary hard times in overall society, I welcome some unexplained mystery to mull over; I share your hopes as well. I'm not insomuch a skeptic as I'm a person of logic--and everything I've factored in upon viewing this film clip has me feeling it may be a hoax, engineered to generate sales profits for the DVD film restoration company. It's evident that the company who present the DVD underwent some serious CGI film restoration work--and given THAT behemoth task, I'd think THEY would have first seen the oddity and presented it to the world FIRST, not some low-budget "independent" film maker. Here's the link from the "discoverer" of the film oddity: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y6a4T2tJa... I'm sure by next month, the hot foot detective work being done will prove this to be a publicity stunt hoax, just like the brazen hoax made on the "alien autopsy" film footage some years ago. To your next point--Is physical human time travel possible? I think Jules Verne said it best: "Today's science fiction will become tomorrow's science fact". Among Verne's masterpiece sci-fi works, he wrote a book about an invention called "Television"......100 years BEFORE Utah farmer Philo Farnsworth actually invented the device.
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