Can you give me some women's vagina's photo or website?

Can you give me some women's vagina's photo or website? Topic: S case search
June 17, 2019 / By Carina
Question: I am a doctor in China,learning Obstetrics and Gynecology ,but i can't search some picture of vagina,and library has not a book has real women's vagina. so i get in trouble ,i even haven't see a real women's vagina, i only see some bogus images,but in real operation,that's a big difference. so i need some website ,i can get photo about women's vagina and inside vagina Thanks a lot
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Anabelle Anabelle | 2 days ago
Dear Chinese Doctor - at least I hope thats what you are. Go to Bartleby.com - on there go to the link for Gray's Anatomy - that's the original book, not the awful cheesy American TV show. You can then enter a search for your desired body part - in your case, that would be the vagina. Have fun
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Weaver Weaver
ummm, ok then. I would say, you are either telling the truth, and not well educated about the internet, or someone outside of china who's an idiot. You want a picture? Google vagina, or use google image search. It would take weeks to go through all the sites you'll find.
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Salal Salal
Well, if you were in school and photos were mandatory for your studies, they would be provided. At no school will you be 'in trouble" for NOT studying material that is not provided. How did you get through the rest of medical school that you had to do before specializing? Diagrams are just as good. Funny.
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Murphy Murphy
I doubt you're a real doctor, "studying obstetrics and gynecology". You're just a pervert looking to get your rocks off.
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Kennard Kennard
go to google type in VAGINA there you go : ] no ones going to give you a photo of their own vagina so try a "helpful" website
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