PG era stone cold steve austin, how do you not know i'm confused?

PG era stone cold steve austin, how do you not know i'm confused? Topic: Writing letter m video
June 17, 2019 / By Caris
Question: PG means parental guidance, George LOpez's old show on nick at nite is PG and has many funny innapropiate jokes for example when a girl at carmen's school writes "Carmen Hoepez on their house" and Benny says "at least your last name isn't tucker." watch any pg movie there' iffy stuff in it. When Stone Cold hosts I bet he's gonna say hell yea, you can only say god,hell, and damn ect on a g to pg rated show any other 4 letter not so clean word can't be used. Why is the wrestling fan community so stupid, i'm 16 and I know these thing as a fact but people who're older than me who've been through the attitude era whine and complain, i don't get it. You wonder why people make fun of us in the wrestling section
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Andee Andee | 4 days ago
I Kinda Agree With You At Some Point But U Gotta UnderStand That Pg Ruins Every Thing 'Cause They Know(Older People) How A Real Wreslting Show Goes And Plus The Pg Ruins The Quality Of Thier Wrestling.You Know I Spend My Day Watching Attitude Era Matches,Segment And Promos On Youtube And I UnderStand Why People Are Complaining.It's Not Even A Comparesent.And That's How I've Became A WWE Die Heart Fan.'Cause Of Those Videos On Youtube.And Guest My Age......15.Now I'm putting WWE Out Of My Way And Heading To Thurday Nights On Spikes. I Know That On Other Show It's Pg And They Still Make Nasty Jokes But WWE Is Diffrent 'Cause It's Suppose To Be Violent.And Now That's Pg It's Ruining EveryThing About How It Suppose To Be Violent And Stufff. Tna Rockzz No Matter What
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Andee Originally Answered: WWE is going to drop NXT "Stunning" Stone Cold Steve Austin will host Tough Enough any thoughts? Plus Bonus QS?
They're getting rid of NXT! What a relief.. it's just unfortunate what they've turned the show into.. I mean if everyone is going to end up on Raw once the show is over with what's the point of having NXT.. I would rather they just air FCW every week.. and who are they kidding it's become common knowledge to most fans that these aren't "rookies" they're guys who have been wrestling for years and in some cases have more experience in wrestling than their so called "pros".. lol can you believe that all this complaining comes from a girl who doesn't even get a chance to watch NXT.. and wasn't even aware it was moved to the website xD lol.. "Stunning" Steve Austin..? I never remember anyone calling Stone Cold, "Stunning" Steve Austin.. lol xD I'll have to write that one down.. I've heard "Texas Rattle Snake".. "Toughest SOB" etc. but never that lol.. okay anyways the question.. I'm thrilled they're bringing back Tough Enough and I really, really hope The Score (Canadian channel) will actually carry Tough Enough because I'd really like a chance to see it.. I always was interested in the whole "average Joe gets the chance to become a wrestler" and with someone like Stone Cold there I think it could really be a success.. I think having a guy with a big mouth who knows what it's like in the ring would be great for those who think this is easy "sh!t".. I think Austin being there to "Toughen" them out would be awesome.. putting him on anything really becomes a hit among wrestling fans.. lol.. BQ1 - This year..? I'm still trying to think how this whole "pushing younger talent" is going.. I'm not sure if the WWE is going to actually peruse with anyone else after The Miz.. maybe I just don't have that much faith in the whole they're actually going to continue building stars and not shuffling around the main event. Although with a lot of main event status guys coming out and saying they're done within the next couple of years it is a big wake up call to Vince to push these guys now.. hmm but who will be first.. well Drew McIntyre has been there a little longer and he does have that whole "chosen one" angle behind him where he is hand picked by McMahon.. I'm not all that sure who will do it first but my guy feeling is actually leaning on Drew McIntyre.. it could be because I have a bit of a soft spot for McIntyre.. (I think it could be that I adore his accent xD) BQ2 - Hmm.. I'm honestly torn with this one.. I actually don't expect any of them to return at the Royal Rumble.. maybe I just don't want to get my hopes up too high.. I guess seeing Triple H or Christian return would really make me happy.. don't get me wrong seeing The Undertaker return would make me happy too but I'd rather see the return of Triple H or Christian.. but which..? I guess Christian because I still do desperately hold on to the hope that Christian can return tonight win the Royal Rumble and have that ultimate jealousy rivalry with Edge leading to Wrestlemania! Because that is honestly my dream match although with rumors flying that Edge is leaving in 2012 and Wrestlemania 28 being in Toronto (which I will attend if it's true) I guess I would rather see that dream next year. So then Triple H.. but really any of the guys in question returning tonight would please me.. lol.. BQ 3 - *Sighs* If I've said it once.. well then I've probably said it a bunch of times.. lol I don't like Scott Steiner.. I really am not a fan of his.. never was, and never will be.. he just annoyed me to be perfectly honest. I am not ecstatic about his return because I'm not a fan of his but I suppose becoming World Champion is definitely a possibility for him.. but I don't think he will be the next Champion.. I'm sure he'll eventually get his chance but idk.. then again I haven't been keeping up with too much wrestling as of late.. so he could be I don't really know but I hope he won't.. because I'm not a fan I guess.. lol..

Weldon Weldon
That was a good episode of George Lopez, the best part is when Carmen and that other girl got into a cat fight. Yeah I agree with you. Stone Cold is probably going to be there just because of the name. He will probably fight Vince and drink beer but he probably won't be able to give the finger. But you never know with Stone Cold, he broke all of the rules during The Attitude Era, he said words like sh*t and f*ck and gave the finger and nobody before him ever did anything like that. Stone Cold was the big rebel of that time and altough there were a lot of great wrestlers, he was the head of the Attitude Era mainly because he was so groundbreaking. It sucks because who doesn't love that drunken redneck when he goes off on somebody and the fans in attendence are going to be missing out on the real Stone Cold. But I could come to a conclusion that Stone Cold is going to be one of the best hosts. The WWE does make wrestling fans look bad, I don't get it at all either. Because the WWE is now "PG" it looks like Stone Cold is limited to what he could do.
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Salmon Salmon
The angle generation has constantly been seemed to by way of lovers as a pentacle factor within the sporting events amusement enterprise. It wasnt the blood or the cussing or the hardcore fits, it used to be the contest among WWF and different businesses, it used to be the truth that the WWF felt it needed to outdo itself every week. It introduced the WWF to a grander level presence. You needed to have fascinating storylines, fine individual growth, and greater than lifestyles essential parties to preserve up with the likes of ECW and WCW. Now that the PG Era has come, the WWE sits ontop of the sector of reliable wrestling. No subject WHAT attitude they come to a decision to drag on their exhibit, they will generate income. They have even detailed more youthful audience in order that they may be able to get them hooked previous and longer. This made plenty of historical tuition WWF Classic and WWF Attitude generation lovers shy clear of the programming. When I grew to be a fan, you selected your part. WCW or WWF, Stone Cold or Rock, and so forth. You had a loyalty to the product. That didnt imply you couldnt dabble within the different company tho. The businesses have been FIGHTING for you. DX or nWo, Goldberg or Stone Cold, Sting and Vampiro or Undertaker and Kane. Now that the WWE's most effective festival is TNA, a manufacturer nonetheless regarded to be up and coming, the WWE can take much less possibilities and the product has emerge as stale. I can music in and understand precisely who's going to win each and every fit and what the following ppv will appear like. Theres no construct as much as ppvs both with the company cut up; you get a flood of ppvs with little time to increase the experiences. It was once a month of training and growth and construct up earlier than you noticed an epic wrestle like Undertaker vs. Stone Cold Buried Alive OR Triple H vs. Cactus Jack Hell in a Cell... So briefly, Attitude Era will constantly win out for the reason that the manufacturer used to be driven to bigger itself and surprise and awe the lovers every week
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Murtagh Murtagh
I'm not entirely sure what you're question is. But if you're saying that wrestling fans don't understand what PG means, I'm pretty sure that's not true. People complain about it so often because they know exactly what it is and they aren't happy about it.
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Murtagh Originally Answered: Tim Hightower for Steve Smith (car)?
That depends on your depth at those positions. I don't think Smith is going to have an amazing year but I grabbed him off waiver and put him on my bench just in case I'm wrong. Hightower is definitely the better option but if you have 8 other runningbacks better then him and no backup WR's then it might be a good trade. Although I think you could get someone better then Steve Smith for him.

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