Help, writing an essay.Opinions please!. it's on music?

Help, writing an essay.Opinions please!. it's on music? Topic: Good music to write essays to
July 21, 2019 / By Carita
Question: I have homework and I do not know what I should write about. I am to pick any aspect of music and write about it's effects on society. Please give me and idea. Maybe even some websites please!
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Best Answers: Help, writing an essay.Opinions please!. it's on music?

Andra Andra | 6 days ago
Write about the legendary club in NYC, CBGB's. Or write about The Ramones, how they never made it big in the US, but were stars in Europe. Interesting band members, as well. Joey Ramone had ocd and it affected the other members... Lots of info about both online. Or the birth of Rock and roll. Record burnings and American Bandstand. Or can music make ppl kill? Columbine and Marilyn Manson. Tons of stuff! Good luck!
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Wesley Wesley
You could write about Queen. They had a major influence on music. Also the Beatles. If you don't know who the band Queen is they were a very famous british band in the 70s 80s and very early 90s and have joined together again under the name Queen + Paul Rodgers they were the ones who did We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions as well as I Want It All. They brought on a whole bunch of controversy over the fact that their music is so different and unique. You can look them up on Yahoo or Wikipedia. I would highly recommend doing an essay on Queen or the whole "British invasion" (meaning music of course) and the different british bands who came to America in the 60s and 70s and how they have influenced the whole music industry.
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