How often should I submit my website to search engines?

How often should I submit my website to search engines? Topic: How to write a search engines
June 17, 2019 / By Carley
Question: So that it is effective and I am getting a good amount of traffic? How many different search engines should I be submitting to?
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Andri Andri | 9 days ago
I would suggest looking at and submitting to around 200 or so search engines if you are doing it on your own. You can check out any search engines ranking based on usage (traffic/hits/Etc) at alexa.com to help you decide the best search engines to submit to. Note: Interesting that Yahoo has the most hits of any search engines, not Google. After doing your homework and deciding who to submit to, you may want to also look at "pay per click" advertising. The first place to go is Overture.com to look at what key wordsa are being searched. Ovwerture will also allow you to view the current bids for the key words that make the best choice for your website content. I believe Yahoo is offering $50 of free clicks just to get you to use the product and see your return on your investment with them. Another place to look at would be trafficleader.com. This company is on the board of directors for Yahoo and they actually write the "secret Codes" (algorythmns) that positions you in the natural results. Linking to other websites is definitley a plus to drive more traffic to you. Look for other business partners that serve your prospects. For example, if you sold windshield wipers, you could partner with aomeone that sold other auto parts or even similar industries like a car club. Use that same networking from the real world into the virtual world. If you would like to find some strong networking groups locally check out www.bni.com - If you only have time to network with one group, go here first and then your chambers second. I would also tell you to get some advertising on yellowpages.com. This is an online yellowpages and they are getting over one billion hits per year. They have partnered with AOL, Yahoo, anywho, switchboard.com and many other sites that your advertising bleeds over into. They also have a link next to your name that will link the consumer directly to your website. Remember these people have already made a decission to BUY and are looking for someone to SELL it to them, unlike a search engine that is usually used for people that MAY BUY. Here is another site I would suggest to you that may help- www.gosmallbiz.com. This site has experts in the fields of marketing, online marketing, Human Resorces, insurance or anything that a small business would have questions about. One last gold nugget- make sure your website was NOT designed in "frames"...Its hard to the search engine spiders to index. I hope this helps! Best wishes!
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Andri Originally Answered: How do i submit my URL to search engines?
I've submitted it for you just now. The best way for a search engine to discover your site is through a natural link. I have gone ahead and placed a link to your site on a web site profile of mine and the search engines should discover it naturally very soon. If you're just getting started I recommend writing a press release about your site and submitting it to a press release site (http://www.prlog.org/ for example). For tips on writing a solid press release (to actually benefit from it more than just a link) I suggest these tips: http://www.prwebdirect.com/pressreleasetips.php and http://www.publicityinsider.com/release.asp You can also search for directories relative to your web site, but most of these will offer little value. One that does offer significant value (but requires a fee) is the Yahoo Directory http://dir.yahoo.com/ which costs about $300 a year. There are some free ones and low cost ones out there, but that's a whole different subject. If you would like to learn more about things you can do to promote your web site and get more visitors I have written a simple e-book and put it up for free on my web site: http://www.crsolutionsgroup.com/seo-guides.php I wish you the best of luck!

Whitaker Whitaker
It would be spaming if you are submitting a url to search engine for which no page exist on the server or it is under construction. So, Do not submit a site to search engine until it is fully done.
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Samuel Samuel
You won't get traffic just from submitting, you need to have sites linking to yours. If you are going to submit it you should only do it once but it may take weeks before you get indexed. I would suggest you post a free ad on craigslist linking to your site. You will get indexed in a day or two and if you post in a major city you will get some traffic.
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Nahum Nahum
Learn how to use sitemaps. I created a simple blog and had it listed on yahoo and google in under 72 hours. Sitemaps are simple files that liste every page on the site and let yahoo and google know when you update them. http://siteexplorer.search.yahoo.com/ http://www.google.com/webmasters/
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Kentigern Kentigern
I submitted to google once, and i'm listed. if you start bombarding them, they will probably delete you completely. it takes about a year for your page to start getting recognized and for your site to get regualr and substantail hits. if you build it they will come....
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Kentigern Originally Answered: Search Engines & Blogs Help.?
The most important thing is to get the home page on the search engines, optimized of course right away. Don't have any links to the under construction section of the website because that will hurt you. Then you can work on the rest of the website and getting links.

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