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Shut down problems with computer? Topic: Case open case shut
July 21, 2019 / By Carlin
Question: my desktop computer - Window XP operating system, approx. 7 years old is turning off on me with no particular reason, meaning whether I am reading e-mails, listening to music, watching videos etc. It does however crash more often & quicker if the system is under load such as videos, music, multiple pages open etc. it shuts completely off & I have to push the start up button to reboot. it has been doing this now about 3 months, I'm over it. I am wondering if possibly the cooling fan is bad, I have a fan placed behind it that I keep running on it to help cool it. It seems to help some but not much. Sometimes it will run a few hours if your lucky but usually I'll get about 30 min. to an hour then it just constantly keeps shutting down after that time period like every few min. HELP PLEASE COMPUTER TECHS, GEEKS, GURUS. ?? virus, another type bug, heat (over heating) what ???
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Andrina Andrina | 1 day ago
Definitely heat. If you have any cats or dogs, you're lucky to get 7 years out of your fans. Open the case to see which fan is bad (also couldn't hurt to blow out the dust) then remove it and bring to your local tech shop. They'll sell you a replacement fan for a few bucks and you should be good. Be sure to check the power supply fan as well - generally recommended to replace the whole power supply if the fan is bad (could have affected other components within it). They are cheap - 30 bucks or so
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Andrina Originally Answered: Why does my computer just randomly shut down?
Here r some reviews abt the same problem. study all ,then, u will get an idea of wht is going on in ur pc. -------------------------- Your problem isn't gone; what is causing it is not being triggered right now. You have a fast processor; 256 MB RAM is a little low, but that shouldn't cause the probs you describe. I can't see that upgrading anything is needed at this point. Try cleaning out the case: pop the cover, take it out on the rear porch and reverse a vacuum cleaner to GENTLY blow out the dust bunnies, dingleberries and whooosits that collect over time. Use a soft, clean brush to clean between the CPU heatsink fins and the vent fan blades. Check the rear of the power supply and case vents for dust buildup. When done, make sure that you don't jiggle or dismount anything like the memory sticks, video card (if you have one), etc. ------------------------- I've seen some malware that does this. If it is malware/trojan it will initiate the 30 second shutdown upon detection. You need to issue a Start>Run>Shutdown -A command and that will kill the shutdown process when it starts. Get Adaware and run it in short bursts - like let it catch 1-20 items, stop the process, remove the items and start over. Keep doing this until no item are found. Any time during the scan when the shutdown window appears quickly click on Start>Run and run the Shutdown -A command so the cleaning process can continue. ---------------------------- Well,I had the same prob once, and it started with the unit freezing/restarting only in games, then over a period of time it did it with everything. I finally traced it to one of my memory sticks had some bad addresses hi-up, and they would only be reached when the memory was almost full-loaded and stressed, like with games. Regular proggies didn't demand as much so it ran fine. Drove me nuts for several weeks until I switched ram sticks to test. If it's not your memory, you might try testing your power supply. Best thing is to get a cheap tester - Newegg has a Powmax Power Supply Tester for $15 including shipping. I can't guess how many hours mine has saved me guessing about a power supply ----------------------- to find out more reviews on that, pls go here http://www.computing.net/security/wwwboa... ------------ Hope this helps u.

Wil Wil
It is possible it is a virus but it sounds more like an power issue to me. Is this a laptop or desktop PC? If it is a laptop then one of the comments about hibernation could be correct if your battery is too low. If it is a desktop then it most likely will not be a hibernation issue. The PC can have many different issues that can cause this. Have you ran Windows update recently? I had a updated ethernet driver that was causing conflicts and my desktop would either not start or would not stay on and then power itself back off after a few minutes. I also had a Video card go out on me and the PC would not run. Have you had any issues with your monitor or video card lately? First disconnect any peripheral devices from the PC (IE: Printer, USB devices, ETC.) then push the power button. When the PC start to boot continuously hit F8 and see if you can go into safe mode. If you can pick to go to last known good configuration. See if this helps. If you still need any further help with issues you may need to reset your BIOS. To do this you will need to open up the computer case, and find the jumper for the BIOS (usually next to the battery or close proximity) Pull the 2 pin jumper from where it is, switch it onto the set of pins labeled for resetting BIOS, wait for a minute or so, then pull off of those pins and replace onto the same pins they were on in the first place. Hope this helps. If none does please ask another question with whatever stage you are at...
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Sandford Sandford
You said it when you told us it was 7years old. The average good life of most computers is 3 years. There could be many things wrong by now. Have you had the power supply unit checked recently, as this is one of the many reasons for older computers shutting down without any reason. Many say video cards etc cause these problems, but my 18 month old unit had similar dramas and we found power supply was the reason. Cheap to fix and easy to check.
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Naphtali Naphtali
If your computer is old it could be that your doing to much, causing it to crash. If you have a fan behind it and it's still crashing it's not the fan. It's not the power source, because it wouldn't reboot right away when you start it back up. [email protected] for msn help.
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Kenyon Kenyon
X your fingers and hope it is a RAM card if you have two Ram sticks, turn the power off, remove one and see how it goes. Then swap the sticks over. (shutdown the power first) If it operates ok with one stick (and doesnt matter which one) but it crashes when two sticks are used you may have two problems. 1. the RAM is the wrong type and the wrong speed (to fast and not working properly as backward compatible) 2. the RAM is ok but pulling down your power supply.
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Kenyon Originally Answered: My computer settings are always changing on its own when I shut it off?
It is possible that the CMOS battery could be bad in the system which holds the settings to the system. If you take the side of the case off there is a little silver circle which will be the battery. You can try replacing this as its not much about 3 or so dollars depending on where you get it. If this does not fix it you may have software issues or infections.

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