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July 19, 2019 / By Carly
Question: I have this as my math homework and I dont understand it. Could someone please help me with it? Peter has a special watch with three hands - one of which orbits the dial in 1 minute , the second in 3 minutes and the third in 15 minutes . Initially, all hands are in the same position . Determine how long it will take for the hands to split the dial into three identical parts. Find all solutions
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You need to find the average radius of the earth. You can easily get this from google. Next you need the average water depth. You might be able to find this online but there is another way. Find from a map of the world's oceans the depth at several places and average them. Then you would work out the area of the earth's surface using the formula A = 4*pi*r^2 Now take 71% of this by A*0.71 and finally Volume = Area*Average depth
Originally Answered: Maths help?
The question tells you what information you have to find. Research the earth's radius and the depths of the seven oceans. The radius of the earth can be used to get the surface of the sphere of earth. 71% of that is water surface. Take the average depth of the oceans, this is a different radius. It's how deep water would be if land was totally level around the entire earth, and water above it. Subtract the average depth sphere volume from the total earth sphere volume to get the total amount of water value. In reality, only 71% of that is water, because the rest is where the land shows above water. Take 71% of that water volume to get the approximate volume of water in all the oceans.

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