Is there any idea for sorting Alphabets?

Is there any idea for sorting Alphabets? Topic: Case sensitive language
July 21, 2019 / By Carry
Question: hi programmers .. I would like to know is there any method can sort alphabets ? or not ? Thaaaaaanks =D If I have a group of Alphabets "not numbers" .. e.g. F W K A D X B is there any idea ? how can i sort them ? * C++ language
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Angelle Angelle | 4 days ago
// This is a simple demo which sorts characters in a C++ string // (Standard C++ Library) (STL). #include #include #include #include using namespace std; string SortCharsInText (const string &, bool = true); int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { // Test1: your characters: string text = "FWKADXB"; cout << "Test1: " << "\n"; cout << "Original Text: " << text << endl; string sortedText = SortCharsInText (text); cout << "Sorted Text: " << sortedText << endl; cout << "\n"; text = "AxTybXLmnCopQ"; cout << "Test2: " << "\n"; cout << "Original Text : " << text << endl; cout << "Sorted Text (Case-Sensitive): " << SortCharsInText (text, true) << endl; cout << "Sorted Text (Ignore-Case) : " << SortCharsInText (text, false) << endl; system ("PAUSE"); return EXIT_SUCCESS; } // Simple sort alogorithm case-sensitive/ignore-case using Bubble-Sort algorithm: string SortCharsInText (const string& text, bool caseSensitive) { string result = text; for (unsigned i = 0; i < result.length () - 1; i++) { for (unsigned j = i + 1; j < result.length (); j++) { char ci = result [i]; char cj = result [j]; if (!caseSensitive) { ci = tolower (ci); cj = tolower (cj); } if (ci > cj) { char temp = result [i]; result [i] = result [j]; result [j] = temp; } } } return result; } ---- Be more specific and detailed. Which language? What is the nature of data? That is, sorting words in a word array, sorting collection items based on a specific field or property ...
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