How can i apply for FAFSA financial aid for school as an independent?

How can i apply for FAFSA financial aid for school as an independent? Topic: Does case status open mean
July 24, 2019 / By Caryn
Question: i'm not connected with my parents anymore and my grandparents pay for my education. i dont want them to have to pay for my school anymore so i'm trying to apply for financial aid. to do this i was told i needed copies of my parents tax forms which i am unable to get. what can i do to apply for financial aid through FAFSA on my own?
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Anima Anima | 7 days ago
Dylan: It's very easy to become an independent for financial aid purposes - you can get married, you can join the military, you can turn 24, or you can start taking care of dependents of your own, providing more than 50% of their total financial support. If none of those things sound all that good to you, then you're going to have a lot more trouble. Independent is not a status that you can "choose" for yourself, and contrary to sometimes popular opinion, the financial aid system does not use the word "independent" to mean that "you're on your own", or "your parents don't support you." Financial aid independence is explicitly defined by federal law. To be "independent" doesn't have all that much to do with your actual relationship with your parents. It's more a "presumption", and for the most part, it's an irrebbutable presumption. In other words - there's not much you can do - as I said, you can't "opt" to be considered a financial aid independent. The one avenue open to you is to attempt to convince the financial aid department that you deserve a "dependency override". That's like the magic buzz word that a lot of people who don't really know financial aid learn, and they toss it around like anybody can just go get one. That's hardly the case - a dependency override is rarely approved. One of the reasons that it's so rarely approved is because the rules specifically state that an override appeal can not be authorized if: The student lives with someone other than his parents The parents don't pay for the student's education The parents don't claim the student as an income tax dependent The parents' financial information is unavailable The student is financially independent of his parents and lives on his own You might think all of those sound like good "cases" for an appeal, but an appeal will not be allowed for any of those reasons. Frankly, people waste an awful lot of time worrying about trying to become "independent" - another common misconception is that independent students get a lot more aid. I guess the logic is "if the parents won't pay, someone else will have to pick up the slack." Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way - financial aid money is taxpayer money - and the taxpayers aren't responsible for giving you extra money because you don't have a good relationship with your parents. For most independent students, the only real difference between their financial aid and the aid offered to a similar dependent student is that the independent student can borrow about $4000 a year more from the Stafford program. That's about it, really. Best of luck to you!
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Anima Originally Answered: FAFSA and Financial information?
If your mother collected unemployment that is considered income, and she would have received a W-2 relative to her unemployment payments. But, since she didn't file her taxes (like she should have), you will not be eligible for FAFSA Financial Aid.
Anima Originally Answered: FAFSA and Financial information?
circulate to the school you opt to circulate to, then circulate to financial help workplace and ask to communicate with between the consulers there.. You ask them a thank you to prepare and all your concerns .. they provides you with all the suggestion you decide on.. maximum of them are truly style and helpfull

Wilmer Wilmer
You have to be either 24 or over, a veteran, a grad or professional student, be married or have dependants other than a spouse (as in a child...) to qualify as an independant. However, with other circumstances, schools will take your situation into consideration. Makie an appointment to speak with an aid counselor at your school well before the deadline for submitting the FAFSA ends.
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Selby Selby
If your grandparents are now your legal guardians, they are effectively your "parents" for FAFSA purposes. If they are not, you should contact your college's financial aid office (assuming you are already in college) to explain your situation and get their advice for completing the FAFSA. If you're still in HS, choose one of the colleges you feel you will most likely apply to and contact their financial aid office by email for similar advice. (Identify yourself as a prospective 2010 freshman even if you're still just a prospective applicant - they'll probably respond more quickly.)
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I applied before i did fasfa but it would have helped my process to do it at the same time. put the list of schools you have in mind and all of them will recieve you fasfa paperwork. the faster the better for more money and pell grants

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